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Oct 26, 2010 10:55 PM CST
Name: Jan - INKY'S PAL Charleys Girl
I'm a Charley's girl and loving it!
Hi everyone, a new game is about to begin. I'm getting the finishing touch going now so hang on. The game will be...

A Stroll Through The Gardens.
Now what would you think you might see when strolling through a garden? OK now think about that scrambled up. Hilarious!
So this will be an unscramble game. I will have 25 words you might see when strolling through a garden and I will scramble the words and the first person who unscrambles all the words correctly and c-mails me the answer will get first pick of 2 BIG Hardback Books
#1 is The Treasury of Gardening
#2 is Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers.
These are both awsome books and really full of colored pictures and info on gardens and plants and how to do plantings and such with full info on each plant with pictures of the plants and trees.
I hope you all will enjoy this game and try to get the answers first to win one of the books offered. You can choose which one you want.Thumb of 2010-10-27/mekos/3486ad
Thumb of 2010-10-27/mekos/c72999

Thumb of 2010-10-27/mekos/b1e7c6

THIS Game will Begin NOVEMBER 1st when I post the list of names. Good luck everyone. Big Grin
Nov 1, 2010 9:10 AM CST
Name: Jan - INKY'S PAL Charleys Girl
I'm a Charley's girl and loving it!
Good morning everyone!
Are you ready for that stroll though the gardens? I have listed 25 things you might see, think,feel or smell during the stroll.
They are scrambled up but the first person to unscramble them all and c-mail me the answers, will get to pick which book they would like to receive and a surprise for first place win. Second place will get the other book. Hope you all had a great Halloween and let the UNSCRAMBLE BEGIN! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

1. HBOENYEES------------- Honeybees
2. OFBOWOLEMRLS--- Flower blooms
3.DIPAHS-------------------- Aphids
4. OCPOARHELY------- Charley poo
5. NGTAADRRE-------- garden art
6. TITSUFERBL---------- Butterflies
7. EEAADDDHS--------- Dead heads
8. TOSMUQOSI----------- mosquitos
9. SITPSPONSETENG---- stepping stones
10. DESES------------------seeds
11. YAEBTU-------------beauty
12. SAWETEMROA----- Sweet aroma
13. SLTEGEAVBTLENAP--vegetable plants
14. YSILDLIAE------- daylilies
16.RIAUMBNGSA------ brugmansia
17.ARPVACTOONSIRUSLN------ carnivorous plants
18. MEBELEUBBS------------bumble bees
19. RSTIECTR-------------critters
20. RATABNCSOES---------castor beans
21. SRGIDLOFANE----------dragonflies
22. TASNAEMG----------name tags
23. GAYLBDUS---------lady bugs
24. CTNSEH--------stench
25. LTOLFVOSEO------lots of love

hERE ARE THE 25 SCRAMBLED WORDS, go get 'em gardeners!!!!!


Here are the answers to the scramble. Hope you all enjoyed this game and come back soon for the next one.

We have 2 winners. Mistirose won first place and Chelle won second place.
Congratulations ladies and hope you enjoy the new books!
Nov 1, 2010 12:11 PM CST
Name: Jan - INKY'S PAL Charleys Girl
I'm a Charley's girl and loving it!
When you finish your list -- C-mail it to me and don't tell anyone that you finished, so they can finish working cause You wont know if it is right. As soon as everyone sends me the unscrambled list, I'll announce the winner. Big Grin

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