Caribbean Cruise (November 19 to December 2, 2014)

By Larry Rettig (LarryR) on December 7, 2014

None of the words I can think of adequately describe the fabulous time we had! We spent our first two days on Florida's Gold Coast in Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Our room was located directly on the beach, which was just a few steps from our door. Please click on photos to enlarge and to view the entire photo.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/a827e2
View from our window

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/10eeb0
View from window at the end of our hallway

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/694086

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/3a1fb7
We couldn't wait to get to the beach, so we took a stroll before changing into our swim suits.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/0f5bf9
Just before boarding our ship, Celebrity Equinox

Our first port of call: St. Thomas

We didn't go ashore but went directly to a ferry for a one-hour trip to the small island of Tortola. Our experience there proved to be one of the sweetest of our entire Caribbean adventure. We swam with dolphins! Their home was in a small lagoon. We were greeted there by Ila (EYE-lah), a 34-year-old dolphin with a sweet personality.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/9e63a9
Getting ready to meet Ila

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/672d30
Ila says hello.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/1fc86c
Ila gets affectionate.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/6c8479
A kiss for Ila

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/88eace
Ila says thank you.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/66a8ea
Ila nuzzles Robin.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/e6ee4f
Ila rolls over on her back and gives Robin a belly ride.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/b95492
Wilma obviously enjoying her belly ride!

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/13cfe4
Me on a boogie board with my legs stretched out behind and my feet together. Ila swam around behind me and pushed me through the water with her snout on my feet.

Thumb of 2014-12-03/LarryR/bff1b9
Ila obviously had a good time, too.

Temps were generally in the mid 80s during the day and only slightly cooler during the night. We had gorgeous weather. It only rained on us twice and then only briefly. We spent some time in several rain forests, and, as one might expect, that's where it rained.


Next port of call: St. Kitts

St. Kitts offered another great adventure, zip lining. What a blast! Not one, but FOUR, zip lines awaited us. We got to the first line by climbing into a 4WD vehicle and riding up to the top of a small mountain. We careened through rain forest, over canyons, and across rivers. We didn't get any pictures while on the line, as you hang on for dear life! The views were magnificent and the experience was the next best thing to flying. At the conclusion of each zip line there is a ten foot long spring coiled over the wire. You come in at high speed, hit the spring, which compresses and then throws you backward. YEEHAW!

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/c5e7cc
Base camp was an old sugar cane mill.

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/6dbb78
Our transportation to the top

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/362c65
Our guide (center) prepping us for the trip up

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/0115d5
Gear on and ready to go

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/4aa389 Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/4ba3dc
About to take off

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/382847
I'm launched!

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/91af4b
Trekking through the rain forest to the next zip line

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/a11b7c
Wilma and Robin coming in for a landing

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/696f52
The spring

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/ec9c2e
Back at base camp, Robin discovers a two-month-old green monkey.

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/9ab086


Some shots around the island:

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/40db66

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/9b439f

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/509867

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/d71ca4

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/768053

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/8a367f

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/dd4067

Farewell St. Kitts

Thumb of 2014-12-04/LarryR/1542bb


On to Barbados

I parted ways with Wilma and Robin in Barbados. They went snorkeling and I went to the rain forest to mingle with monkeys and other assorted animals.

Barbados was definitely the most well-to-do island we visited. Lots less poverty. Here is what I saw from the bus as we traveled to the jungle:

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/2fc3c1

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/9c099a

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/894f8a

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/252762
All above:  Villas and estates of the rich and famous from across the globe

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/624e44
An old neglected church

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/dec66e
A recently planted sugar cane field

Animals in the jungle park (Wild animals come from all reaches of the park to receive an afternoon treat.):

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/f3bba8

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/ec2dc2

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/754645

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/61f277

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/b7af7c

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/3523b1

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/e7f5d7
The turtles take a turn.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/d13d73
Everyone joins the feast.

On the way back to the ship, we took a different route:

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/dea7d5
Uniformed school girls make their way home after classes.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/471c71
Sea grapes

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/4194ae

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/e3ec56
"The Sleeping Giant" has trees for eyebrows and chest hair.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/e4d8e5
I like the soft texture that these palms add to this scene.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/304aeb

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/a570d1

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/52fa50
An old plantation home

Meanwhile out in the water:

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/89f1b3
Robin snorkeling (These photos were taken with an inexpensive waterproof camera and are not of the best quality.)

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/631e72
An old underwater shipwreck

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/8915f4
Robin encounters a turtle.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/5ff8ad
The harbor area as we bid adieu to Barbados


Dominica (Doe min NEE ka)

Except for the dolphin excursion to Tortola, Dominica was the smallest island on our tour. Also the poorest.

Our adventure for the day was river tubing. It was described as "strenuous." I was asked to leave my glasses behind as I might lose them in the river. Hmmm...
It was a blast! I think we laughed our way down the river from beginning to end. The river originated in the mountains and so was quite swift. There was little you could do to control your tube because of the current. All the more fun! We traversed four sets of rapids. Some people got dumped going over them, Wilma almost included. Since you had little control, you sometimes ended up going over the rapids backwards. No way to tell what awaited you. Big Grin

Lest you get the impression that this was way too dangerous, there were skilled guides in the river with us, always positioning themselves at strategic points. If you got slammed into a tree trunk, dunked in the rapids, or got stuck in the back waters, there was always someone to provide immediate assistance.

The souvenirs we brought back to the ship with us included a bruised left fanny cheek on my part (from hitting a submerged rock in the rapids) and a few abrasions on Wilma's part (from her arms rubbing against her tube). Robin emerged unscathed. Aside from that, it was a fun and invigorating experience. Wilma used the waterproof camera along the way:

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/8a1dc8

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/d50587

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/791c0e

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/5cedeb
A gaggle of tubers. At the most treacherous rapids, the guides held a rope across the river to stop everyone and then let us go one by one. Sometimes someone unintentionally escaped the rope (Wilma included) but there was always a guide to assist.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/f1d4af
Adieu, Dominica.


Our last port of call: St. Martin

Also called St. Maarten, it is said by many to be the best Caribbean island for shopping. None of us are into shopping, so we decided to spend the day at the beach. Had a lovely time.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/1171a5

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/0f395b
Christmas has arrived at St. Martin. A major disconnect. Hearing "Jingle Bells" in a tropical paradise just doesn't cut it.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/4c8a63

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/cc9977

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/c0a78b

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/536eb4
I spotted this parasailor from my beach chair

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/85746c

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/c89e6d

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/a12d96

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/71de73

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/469734
I thought parasailing was spectacular until I saw THIS!
Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/4701d8
Those are water jets propelling this guy upward. He got even higher between the two shots I took. He could hover. He would suddenly turn the jets off and dive into the water as if from a diving board. He would emerge from the water and do short leaps into the air followed by a dive, imitating dolphins. Unbelievable!

Shots from the bus on our way back to the ship:

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/6a5bfb

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/9b85cb

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/9a3edc

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/51f775

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/ebdcdc

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/54e9fa
A monument to Christopher Columbus positioned on the line that divides the Dutch part of the island from the French part

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/d3f6c4
A spectacular villa perched on a hilltop

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/fc4880
Adieu, St. Martin. It was with a bit of melancholy that we parted, spending the next two days at sea on our way back to Ft. Lauderdale. We definitely were not ready for this vacation to end!

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/c27ccb
Back in Ft. Lauderdale at the Atlantic Resort and Spa. View from the balcony of our suite.

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/539ddb
Pool deck

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/7e3c31

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/035853

Thumb of 2014-12-05/LarryR/562f55
Back in the Atlanta airport. Sigh...

Life on the Celebrity Equinox

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/ea9da6
Not having been at sea since age 9 months, Robin was fascinated by waves, swells, and wakes.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/88fcaf
We recelebrated Robin's birthday aboard ship. Our state room steward created a towel swan for the occasion.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/6c3bb9
Marsha, our friendly and very professional server (she could easily be the maitre d' at any restaurant of her choosing) presented Robin with a birthday cake with two burning candles at dinner one evening.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/9305ad

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/3006b0
Our tablemates. I think we had one of the liveliest tables in the entire dining room. We told stories and laughed and laughed. By the end of the cruise we had become so close, it was difficult for us to say goodbye.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/99db33
Just outside our dining room. Guess who has the darkest tan. Big Grin

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/a3cc9a
Gorgeous center of the ceiling in our two-tiered dining room

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/555784

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/92810f
Over one thousand different kinds of wine are stored in this wedge-shaped, floor-to-ceiling, on-site wine "cellar."

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/c7501d
This adds some perspective to the size

Cruise ships are known for fantastic food and lots of it. Celebrity Equinox did not disappoint! Here is some food artistry:

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/ae4280

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/af2d6f

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/5b72f5
Turkey was on the menu for Thanksgiving, but we decided on nontraditional entrees.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/c67b0e

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/2d806e

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/5f0238

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/a97907

A couple of obligatory ice sculptures. Unfortunately, some of the finer detail had already melted when I discovered them:

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/1496c0

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/415fd7

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/898746
Our favorite place on board to have lunch

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/99addc
Sometimes we lunched here as well.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/9b39ed
One of the more unusual features of this ship was that deck 12 was a real, live lawn. Loved it!
Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/5c5e1a

Catching some rays:

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/483cc1

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/9ef6af

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/1d0e78

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/9dbcfa

More ship:

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/8f98f7

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/cecb93

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/01548c

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/cfbecd

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/6b4bdb
Solarium pool

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/00479b
Solar panels on solarium roof

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/64825a
Library (empty shelves indicate it's popularity)

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/86f531
Table made from single trunk

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/4c4dac

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/9e50c1
Theater for live performances. The talent and entertainment in these performances was amazing. Outstanding!

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/2188e9
Part of the grand foyer, which is open almost to the top of the ship's 14 decks. The ship was at capacity with more than 3,000 passengers and over 1,000 crew members.

Thumb of 2014-12-06/LarryR/0f912e
A real, live potted ficus suspended midway up to the top of the grand foyer


Back to reality.  Sigh...


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