A Garden Wedding in Photos

By Larry Rettig (LarryR) on July 28, 2010

Weddings are such wonderful occasions. Some of my male friends barely tolerate them, but l always look forward to the event. It's filled with such pagentry and genuine emotion. Sometimes there are surprises. A barefoot bride for example. A squadron of bagpipers. Nontraditional songs and dress.

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ince I'm a gardener and a nature lover, I have a special affinity for weddings staged in gardens.  Over  the years, our own gardens have been the scene for a number of such weddings.  I'd like to share with you some photos from a particularly beautiful wedding in our gardens last summer.

Before I do, however, here are some tips, garnered from experience, for those thinking about staging a garden wedding at some point in the future.

One of the most important considerations is the weather.  If you're planning an outdoor wedding, arrange to have an alternative site indoors.  When we asked one prospective couple what they planned to do if it rains, the groom said somewhat offhandedly, "Oh, we'll just have everybody bring umbrellas!"  I replied something to the effect that "your guests will have to stand during the entire ceremony, because the seats will be wet."  Rain isn't the only consideration.  The weather could turn severe and endanger everyone in attendance.  Consider housing your guests under a canopy or tent, if glaring sun, wind, or rainy weather is a consideration.  If the weather is hot, have chilled bottled water available for your guests. 

  Make certain that the space you choose can comfortably accommodate the number of guests you invite. 

Will there be adequate parking? 

Are toilet facilities conveniently located?  If not, consider renting a portable toilet stall. 

  If you're planning to use a microphone and speakers or have a DJ play music during the ceremony, is there an electrical outlet available?  Does it work? 

Remember that high heels will likely sink into the sod. 

  Will mosquitoes or other insects be an issue? 

  Check with local authorities about noise ordinances. 

Consider inviting the neighbors to the wedding or at least to the reception, even if you don't know them personally.  Chances are good that your gesture will quiet any qualms they may have about parking and noise.


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(clockwise, starting top left on each page)

Album page one:  All photos ©  Carrie and Brett Karkosh

Album page two:  All photos © Larry Rettig

Album page three:  © Carrie and Brett Karkosh, ©  Larry Rettig, © Larry Rettig

Album page four:  © Larry Rettig, © Carrie and Brett Karkosh, © Carrie and Brett Karkosh

Album page five:  © Larry Rettig, © Carrie and Brett Karkosh, © Carrie and Brett Karkosh 

Album page six:  © Carrie and Brett Karkosh, © Larry Rettig, © Larry Rettig 

My heartfelt thank you to Carrie and Brett Karkosh for their gracious permission to use
some of these photos of their beautiful wedding.

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