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Aug 22, 2010 2:23 PM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Weedwhacker, I cannot remember the persons name. I am useless at remembering peoples names, just plant names I can remember. My Admin person on Cottage Gardens had bought some Aconitum from a catalog and I warned her about them as she has a three year old granddaughter staying with her. They are often called by the common name of Wolfsbane and have been used as a poison since time immemorial! The story was this healthy man went out camping and added a small amount of the plant to his stew, and it killed him, which it would. All Solanums are poisonous, this includes Solanum esculentum the tomato and Solanum tuberosum the potato. Don't eat green potatos. We are issued with a book over here, that shows all Toxic plants and the danger, it is not intended to stop anyone growing anything, it just has the first part on the danger to Agricultural animals and then Humans. For instance there is a mass problem with Acorns killing wild Ponies in the New forest (1066 AD), so why it is called new is beyond me. The simple cure is to put Pigs in the forest as they are immune to Acorns and indeed love to eat them.Taxus baccata or yew will kill a human stone dead as it is contains 13 alkaline poisons, 11 of which are not yet known by us and there is no known cure, yet Deer are immune to it and eat it.
It is just commonsense that if you do have a plant or plants that can be harmful, then educate people how to handle them and teach children to stay away. That is sometimes easier said than done though.
The Ash was planted in 1854 and is indeed beautiful, whilst doing my latest Article on Crystal Palace I also found a weeping Hornbeam, the Victorians loved this sort of thing.
My Article is at
p.s we do not yet have the Ash borer in the UK.

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