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Aug 23, 2010 5:21 AM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Larry, I feel most guilty at invading your Article. But it is about education and commonsense. You do not need a University Degree like I have; your grandmother taught your mother who told you, don't eat that, or don't touch that as it is nasty or poisonous, that is what it is about. There was a classic case whilst I was at University, we were told to cut down a lot of Heracleum mantegazzianum or Giant Hogweed. Not a lot was known about this plant then, apart from it suddenly was wiping out our own Native flora. We did not know that the sap if it gets on your skin and the sun hits it causes massive blisters. Unaware of this some people were given the job of cutting down this massive plant and others the job of stacking it. Half way through the day the sun came out and those cutting it were complaining. It affects lighter haired people first, but can affect anyone. I had taken my motocross bike through the woods and was stacking with gloves on, a lot of people were not so lucky. Suddenly, on some people blisters the size of a Human palm appeared, and my lecturer asked me to go back and get some help. We did not have mobile phones then, so I got back to University and rang the Ambulance. They came and were horrified, 21 students and my lecturer, were taken to Hospital. Trouble was the Ambulance crews and the paramedics had no idea what to do, neither did the Hospital. My friend was blond and he suffered terribly, so they flew him in the Air Ambulance up to London. It took a long time for the Doctors to work out how a plant could do this, but they did. This member of the carrot family can take away the Humans skins ability against ultra violet light, so your skin just burns.
If only we had known.
Now it has spread to America, as some people decided to grow it for its size and stature, that is sad.
Look at these
Bit of Education and this may not have happened!

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