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Apr 14, 2011 5:48 PM CST
okie, mama asked me to come over and talk about what little I have learned while in school so far at NCSU for Horticulture. First let me say that my knowledge is limited, but from my understanding the process by which GMO's are created is a specialty process by which they have all rights over, thus the exact process is not completely disclosed to the public - for obvious reasons as then everyone 'could' do it. However from my understanding the process uses a natural bacteria, agrobacterium (gosh I hope I am remembering all this correctly, when I get a chance ill use our library to do so more thorough research). This bacteria is known for introducing foreign DNA into organisms, so for all intents and purpose this does happen in nature usually causing diseases and such in plants. HOWEVER, the genes which they insert into something like round-up ready soybeans are NOT natural, as far as I know. This is where the worry can come in, none of my classes have even mentioned consequences when they have breezed over this topic but all the professors note it is new and so not much research into that area, I think that becomes the point! They dont really know the consequences. okie, here is where I have to put my two cents in... if they dont know the consequences they shouldnt approve it. They have seen where the big giant company has fined farmers who did not use the company seed but are located near farmers who do... the crops become cross pollinated - there is NO way to stop this that I have been made aware of, therefore I dont feel like this is even logical.
Back to GMO's - you ask if they really can create 'terminator' genes - meaning a plant wont reproduce - oh yes, very possible, even today we have sterile fruit through manipulation of chromosome numbers. It fascinates me that seedless watermelon are actually a mismatch of chromosome numbers of the parents, as they are seedless, you can not harvest your own seed for use next year and this is NOT a GMO.
I'm gonna do some more research on this subject as I think it is a great subject to push into people's faces... they need to understand the repercussions that we could face as well as the ones we dont even know are coming because of this. Just because we can do something, does not mean we should! I have begun to wonder about some correlations that I 'see' but I need facts to back those hypotheses before stating them, Ill be back as soon as I can... shoot if only I were working on a masters or phd, I could use this topic!
(please forgive any errors, I did not have a chance to proof)

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