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Apr 9, 2013 11:38 PM CST
Name: Sharon
It is thought that since the Venus was found hidden in a tiny crevice of a cave wall that she might have been a symbol of Mother Earth. Later records refer to the belief that for a long time Mother Earth was worshipped because they didn't understand the seasons and were in awe of the changes that 'followed' the moon phases. Those things they didn't understand, they feared and fear often leads one to worship that which is feared. So in fact, those fat little female figures represented their goddess, Mother Earth. They also didn't understand childbirth but related Spring to Mother Earth giving birth ~ so briefly, that's the theory based on the artifacts. Anyway, it's through the artifacts anthropologists and scientists have been able to better understand the ancient cultures, ancient man. Many fat little female pieces of sculpture were found, so it was a widespread belief from thousands of years ago. Very interesting to me, those little goddesses that were worshipped.

This is a bit far from your article topic, but even so, it's along the same thought line. Cave art, drawn on the walls of caves, tells us similar facts. The drawings let us know of their hunts, their wars, their victories and their losses. Drawings took the place of words, but are extremely readable. Eventually it led to hieroglyphs, but that's far into the future compared to Venus de Willendorf.

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