Looking back

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on January 1, 2012

Sometimes we must look back in order to see what's in front of us.



It's a brand new year ahead of us, a blank canvas to paint, an empty garden to plant; a dream to come true!  It's a brand new year.  It's a good time for looking back.

Perhaps it's the age I am, but I don't enjoy leaving a mess behind me. I have a need to make sure I cleared the tracks I made, threw the trash away, washed all the dishes.


And so it is as I leave another year behind, I'm looking back.

I wrote part of this in my blog this morning; a friend asked that I share it.

Looking back will help all of us move forward, she said.


Did I answer all the letters from my old friends?

Did I only forgive when I should have also forgotten?

Did I dance in the rain and remember those who have touched my life but who are no longer with me?

Did I clear my footprints from the days that I ran through, did I leave unnecessary debris behind?

Did I bruise someone with my anger, a harsh word thrown to the wind?

Did I ignore a friend who needed me?


Did I fret too much about things I could not change, did I stress over little nothings that made no difference anyway?

Did I do the best I could do with what I've been given?

Did I step aside and allow others attention?

Did I withhold a smile when it could have eased a burden?

Did I worry too much when the floods were around me, instead of being thankful for the rainbow that followed?

Did I stop and smell the roses?


Did I dance in the sunshine?

Did I smile in the moonlight?

Did I tell my friends how much I care?


Did I take only one when there were two or did I leave enough behind for others?

And did I care enough or did I just go through the motions?

I hope I did the right thing. I hope I said the right words.

And if I didn't, then I believe that's why we are given tomorrow.


May your New Year bring you all you need.


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About Sharon Brown
I am a retired art and humanities teacher. I am an artist and I am also a writer who has written a series of articles about the history and medicinal value of Kentucky wildflowers. The articles tell of growing up in the mountains of southeast Kentucky with my great Aunt Bett and Granny Ninna. I currently live in western KY.

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