Blue Gardens, Lamb Tales and Amaryllis

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on February 24, 2013

We have something new in our Blue Gardens Cubit and we've saved a spot for you!

Maybe it was this long cold winter that set our minds spinning in so many directions, but we've been talking about unusual things on the Blue Gardens Cubit.  It's lambing time in Oregon and MaryE is sharing their birthing right here:  Lamb Tales.  Here's an excerpt from her midnight midwife diary:

What does a midnight midwife do? Well, I get up from my warm bed in the middle of the night, put on insulated bib overalls, jacket, hat, boots and gloves, get into our old pickup and drive half a mile down our gravel road to the neighbor's, where, armed with a flashlight and riding a 4 wheeler pulling a cart, I go out into the pasture behind the barn to look for newborn lambs. Alone. In all kinds of weather. Newborns are placed in the cart, and the mother follows. Usually. There are always some who are just so excited they run the other way, which can become a problem . . .

Here's Mary and a little lamb as well as her lambmobile

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When you finish your midnight ride with Mary, you might enjoy tales about Josie, the Wonder Dog in Ohio or maybe you're ready for the bright red warmth of Margaret's Amaryllis.  You'll also enjoy the beauty of Vic's North Carolina mountains as well as scenes from Colorado with Toni.

To warm up after seeing so much snow, wander around in the Recipe Forum and check out Oma's Banana Bread or maybe you'd prefer a bite of Hot Brownie Lava Muffins or MaryE's rye bread.  And there's more to come, we're just getting started!

You are invited to participate, share what's going on in your world.  It's a good way to spend a few minutes; you never know who you might meet while you're there.

Josie and Margaret's red Amaryllis

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