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Nov 9, 2013 1:01 AM CST
Name: Sharon
Tiger Toe. I thought I'd told you all about Tiger Toe.

Remember the stuffed tiger that I got for Sunshine; think it was around the first of October. Well it lasted 2 or 3 weeks then she shredded it and it was mangled and in about 16 pieces. Those pieces were gnarled and nasty so I threw all of them away except the 4 legs. Then she started pulling the stuffing out of the legs, one by one till there was only one whole leg left. She wouldn't touch it and would walk around it and when I checked it, I found it was the leg that had a little sound button in it and it made a little noise like a roar. Very low, I could hardly hear it and had never noticed it when it was a whole tiger.

So being a naughty and very aggravating Diva Dog Mom, I started pushing the button and tossing the tiger leg toward Sunshine. She'd run, hide, then come out and touch it, bat it around, but if it roared she ran from it. Of course by then I had tossed the other three legs, so this one that was left was named Tiger Toe.

So time went by and she realized she could carry it by the top and it wouldn't roar, so that's what she'd do, carry it then sling it as far as she could. Sometimes it landed just right and roared. So at night when she wanted to play I'd tell her to find Tiger Toe -- another word she now knows well. She'd find it but wouldn't let me have it so we'd have a mock battle every night. She keeps Tiger Toe away from me until she accidentally makes it roar, then she runs and it's mine. So I make it roar. I wait till she's dozing then I'll push the button and toss it right on top of her. She leaps, runs, then turns around to grab it and toss it away from me. It's a game and when she knows we're going to play she'll go away from me and pretend to nap, till I toss Tiger Toe at her then she runs like running from the gates of hades.

So that's the Tiger Toe story. She's afraid for Daisy to get it because she knows Daisy might push that button. Of course Daisy is unfazed by such nonsense and even if she could push the button she wouldn't, too undignified, but Sunshine, bless her little unsmart heart, doesn't know that. So that's the game. Every. Single. Night. Tiger. Toe.

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