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Jan 1, 2014 10:36 AM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
*sniff* *snort* *cough* *hack* *wheeze*

Happy 2014 from a snot-nosed kid in CO!!

Yea, I've got the crud. It's finally taken good hold of me and I feel like absolute poo. It's snowing right now, was planning on going to the zoo today, but I think that I'm gonna stay inside for the most part. Gonna make some noodle soup with lots of chile (made some home-made enchiladas last night, but the enchilada sauce was too hot for DH, so I had to make up some more beef for tacos for him, which is good 'cuz I had pretty bad heartburn most of the night. LOLL. The sauce was GOOD!) in it 'cuz chile helps with colds. It's out of my ears (thank goodness for that) and now settling into my chest, so now I'm hacking and have no voice. But that means I can't yell at anyone for new years, so I guess that's pretty good.

Yesterday afternoon when I got off work I made a Salvation Army run to do the last of the donations for the 2013 tax year (I write a lot off on taxes.. I have to 'cuz I don't have kids and DINKs get taxed to hell). Dropped off the stuff & saw in the back this most awesomest gaudy NYE hat. I just have to have it. It was the funniest hat on the planet. So I bought it. It was $3 and I wore it all evening when we went here, there, & everywhere (Staples, Dicks sporting goods, World Market, Sprouts). Everyone who saw it started to laugh & smile.. that's the way to bring in the new year!! By making people smile! Uplift their hearts, make them feel good for a minute. Making someone laugh is definitely a great thing. I'll see if I can get a picture of it (or maybe I can find it on google.. nope, after searching for a while 5 minutes, really can't find it exactly, so I'll just have to take pictures of it). But it was great to see everyone giggle and comment on how they love the hat. I don't mind people laughing at me. If I can make someone smile, then I know that their hearts are a little lighter for a little while, and as gloomy as it's been here w/the shooting and the economy & everything, any kind of lifting is a good thing.

*snort* ugh. this sucks. LOLL I hate having a cold.. my throat's all tight & everything. :(

Sharon - So glad that you made it home. Honestly, why didn't you wait a half hour so the sun would set & you could drive not in the setting sun? That's what I do when I have to go west bound during the summer.. I just go into a store or something & kill 1/2 hour then get back on the road. Not gonna try & fight the sun, it's much bigger than I am.

I love those sculptures. He's beyond talented. They look so real, even when they're so ridiculously outsized, or undersized. They're perfect. The coloring, the posturing, everything's perfect. It's quite freaky IMO. Not like our "Satan's Steed" or whatever you want to call that hideous blue horse outside of our airport DIA. I was actually on my way to pick up my old boss at the airport when I saw them installing this horse. The horse has a very horrible history behind it.. he actually killed his first artist! Yes, the sculpture actually killed the artist! It fell on him & crushed him flat, so the artist's son finished it up. It's a beautiful piece as far as realism, but the glowing orange eyes at night terrify children & adults alike. I personally don't think that something this scary should be our ambassador to our city IMO.

Not to mention it's anatomically correct and male.... and it's rearing up.... lollll
Never be afraid of a scar. It just means that you were stronger than something that tried to hurt you.
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