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Jan 1, 2014 4:37 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
was gonna get indian food for dinner, but they were closed, so ended up at Golden Corral (again) 'cuz I was starving to death. Got lots of veggies this time.. spinach, cabbage, squash, that kind of stuff. Of course had to get 3 mini corn dogs, but for the most part, tried to eat not-as-bad. Not gonna say healthier, but I will say not as bad. Then had to walk it off (ate too much) so ended up at "H-mart" ( which is one of the biggest Asian supermarkets there is. That place is awesome. If it's asian, you can find it. Picked up some fresh green onions (3 / $1!), some kim chee, gyoza, dried whole shrimp (for my fish), soy sauce, ga soup base (Thai style chicken), and other little stuff. Don't go there often, I get into too much trouble! LOLL!! Now getting ready to load the dogs up & go to the dogpark, need to walk some more. Planning on going to the gym tonight & start up again my weight-loss odyssey. Last year, I lost nearly 30lbs, but gained it all right back when I was going through a LOT of stress in Nov & was consoling myself with lots of cake & sitting around being miserable. This year, not gonna do that. I'm not doing this as a new-years-resolution crap because, let's face it. Most resolutions fail. I'm doing this for my health. My sister had her first heart attack at age 40, which is where I'm sitting now. My father had his first (that I know of) at around 45. I'm not going to do the same thing. I already have heart problems (on top of everything else), but I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm gonna lose the weight for one reason & one reason only: to go horseback riding! There's a weight limit as to how fat you can be to go horseback riding (not that I would torture a poor horse with my fat butt), and I'm gonna get there! I can do this. I know I can, it's just gonna take some determination and LOTS of sweat! I'm looking at late May for this, so I have 5 months. I figure that if I aim for 2lbs a week loss, which really isn't a heck of a lot, I can do this. That'd be 8lbs a month, 40lbs by June.

Sharon - Ah, ok. Sorry, but putting 200 miles would be nothing for me. :) While we were there in DFW, the car I rented had like 21,600 miles. When I turned it in, it had over 22,000 miles on it. Oops. LOL!! but that's why I got the car w/unlimited miles, too. And I just looked at the map. Especially this time of year, driving that in the afternoon would be a big pain in the patookie considering it's WSW. Driving on I70 here in town has those times of the year. If you look on the map of Denver & look at I70, you can see that, for most of the city, it's pure West, which means in the early morning & late afternoon, it's bumper to bumper due to the rising/setting sun.

Cold's gotten much better. Not coughing as much, not draining as much. Hopefully I'm already on the downside of it, which would be super nice.
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