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Jan 15, 2014 3:06 PM CST
Name: Jacquie (JB) Berger
Wrightstown, New Jersey
Oh Sharon, we are so much alike in many ways. I am too fat and you are too skinny. Rolling on the floor laughing Oh well, if only we could share some of each other's genes so we could even out and make everyone happy. I hope all else was o.k. You need to go to McDonalds like I do. Love their egg mcmuffins, quarter pounders with cheese...but you do not eat meat. See, that is my downfall. Pasta, Pizza and Cheese steaks..............yummy. I can gain weight just thinking about them.

I am having a rip fit, or panic attack or whatever you want to call it because I must go to the doc tomorrow morning for my results of my regular blood work results. I go every 6 months because of the bloodpressure meds I am on and the cholesterol meds. She is going to tell me to eat less cheese, drink more water, get more exercise...blah blah blah......I already do more than most 85 year olds and just because she is a very thin person, she thinks it is easy ....not...... I have anxiety on a normal day that I keep under raps with xanax (small doze, not a druggy), and I get panic attacks just thinking about tomorrow. Today I was a mess just a shaky mess. I swear if my stomach would take it I would drink myself into a stuper just to stop shaking. Maybe that would make me shake more. Whistling

I also agree that you could not live alone in a colder climate. I lived many years alone on our farm after my husband died and it was difficult. I had to hire people to do everything and when you maintain your own home it is not easy to stay within a budget as you all know. Had I not bred the parrots and sold them, I would never have made it all those years. The bird money kept them and me in food. Off to feed my gang now. Have a good evening and thanks for listening.

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