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Feb 24, 2015 2:14 PM CST
Name: Sharon
I'm moving some posts from the Recipe Thread to this new one, since one topic is important as another. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by worry and it helps to have others hold our hand when the going gets tough. That's what this thread is for, helping hands.

From Vic to Elena today:
Hope all that winter stuff is calming down for you. How is your daughter doing?

And from Elena:
Praise the Lord, the insurance is going to cover the damage. Bear in mind this is our largest room that covers much of the back of the house. Looks like the entire ceiling and walls will need to be replaced because once they start tearing out everything, new wood won't match the older that has aged over the years. (Ceilings and walls are all varnished bead board.) That includes window moldings, and all trims too.

The State Farm guy said that 17 states are being covered by this latest weather disaster and they think it will go to 29 before it is over. He said they re sending adjusters in from all over the country. I am now getting ready to start moving all the furniture and decorations into other rooms. Talk about a disturbing mess!!!!! We were revamping the laundry room and all of that stuff is in the den already. It looks like a moving van had just unloaded already and that is just the beginning.

My daughter's elbow break is BAD and it is her right one also. I saw the X-ray last night and it really disturbed me. Since she is right-handed, that is gonna make it bad if the elbow doesn't heal well. The surgery will be Friday morning and two doctors will perform it. Please pray for a successful surgery. Her name is Lynn.

From MaryE:

Little by little, Elena. Don't wear yourself out doing this. I'm sure it will be a few days or weeks until repair work can begin. I know how stressful living in a mess can be. I'll be praying for Lynn. She will learn to do a lot of things left handed, and even one handed for a while. Is she the one who lives right behind you?

From Vic:

Oh Elena Keeping your dear daughter Lynn in my prayers for sure. Please let us know how she's doing. God bless you and your family. Don't worry about the mess. It will all be done and fine before you know it.

From Elena:

They are talking Friday. A lot has to be done before then to even make room elsewhere for all that is in that room. It is the biggest room in the house and goes much of the way across the back of the house. The other rooms are much smaller and won't hold much extra stuff.

I have to take pictures this afternoon to send the adjusters. Hubby and were just looking at the ceiling fans and light fixtures and they all match. If even one gets broken it will be hard to replace them to match. I told him that they can take them down but we have to take the shades off and store them ourselves. There is so much to think out and to watch in order to not have all kinds of issues come along once they start. The window ledges were specially made so they can't dump them. Hubby is the only one I trust to do that without ripping them up badly. There is a lot to think out and a lot to do obviously. The roof will have to be redone this summer during the drought season. We need to find out what will prevent the ice block if we have such weather again. They won't cover that but in order to not have this happen again we have to do it! Lots of things to think about for sure.
Thank you for your prayers for Lynn. She is my daughter that doesn't live behind me. She has suffered from depression since her early teens and can't take anything medicine wise for it because she is allergic to all of them. She just has to tough it out. She also suffers from cough mediated asthma and coughs all the time and has for about 15 years, bad choaking coughing...... She can't use meds for that either. Poor girl has enough problems already without something like this happening. Please pray for her and that her depression won't become a major problem with all of this other stuff confronting her. Many thanks for thinking of her and praying for her. The medicine they gave her for pain for the arm made her break out all over with an itching rash so she has that problem now also. All she can take is aspirin and that is not enough to do much for the pain.

From Elena:

Actually I am not worried about the mess right now. I am just concerned about where to put everything and how to protect stuff in really crowded conditions. Most things will have to be covered and do dads and wall hangings will have to be boxed for their protection. If I can just keep a small path to the washroom and for getting from the back door to the washroom and kitchen that is the best I can do. The freezer and washer and dryer have to be where I can get to them for sure so I can't block that area off. I have a lot to think and a lot to do to protect my possessions, that's for sure.

Thank you all so much for your concern for my daughter. Please keep her in your prayers as she needs every one of them.

From Skiekitty:

Elena - My DH had that asthma cough and it wasn't until we saw a pulmonary specialist that we found out that it was actually caused by GERD! He went on a prescription-strength antacid & the cough went away! It was like a miracle! What it was in his particular case was there was pressure from his stomach sending up just teeny amounts of stomach acid into the throat (yes, like heartburn, but it wasn't enough to cause pain) and he'd be constantly coughing because the acids were getting close to the windpipe. He went basically Pepcid AC (OTC) 40mg and it went away! And I bet she's not allergic to chocolate.. chocolate cures MANY ills!! LOLL!!! But definitely keeping her in my thoughts, poor girl!! I've noticed that if I'm having a really bad day w/depression, I take Rhodiola root extract. It actually seems to help me a lot.

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