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Sep 10, 2015 9:33 AM CST
Name: Toni
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this is so me.

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So very tired of people not getting back to me. When I know something is broken and I've been trying to get it fixed for *3 freaking weeks!!!* and no one will get back to me, then all of the sudden they're yelling at me because I didn't approve of something.. yea, well, I'm not going to approve of something when I know it's not right & it's broken and I have proof that I contacted you 3 weeks ago to get this fixed and you completely ignored me!!! WTF!!!

Not a good way to start my day. Seriously.

Oma - That's WONDERFUL news on your eyes! Yay!! I know that my mom was very happy after she got both of her eyes done.. she claims that she can see 25/20, but she had a heck of a time seeing my 17.3" laptop monitor. Huh. If her vision was corrected so much, then why can't she see something that big? Dunno, weird. But I'm glad that your appt went well!

Dianne - Those were probably a mixture of birch & oaks & maples. Wild trees in waaaaaaaaaaaaay upstate New York, like on the Canadian border upstate New York. 1000 Island region. If you look at a map of New York, follow Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes of North America), which will be the one furthest east, to you see it pour out into the St. Lawrence River. BIG river. BIG BIG BIG. I don't have a video of that river here on this computer at work, but it's the 2nd largest river in North America I believe and there truly IS over 1000 Islands in it. Some are just tiny rocks sticking out of the water, some are big enough to have a city on. Most are not, though. I lived in that area for 3 year (1998-2001) and that's where I got inoculated to the cold. So, to me, 32degs F (0 C) isn't cold. It has to be single digits to be cold and subzero F to be really cold. Otherwise, light jacket weather for the most part. LOLLL. There'd be days there when the high for the day would be around -20F (approx. -30C), not including windchill, which I personally did see -40F (-40C) a few times. But where I lived we didn't have the winds, we had the snows. And I mean SNOWS. My first winter up there, it started to snow Dec 24th & it didn't stop snowing until Jan 17th. It snowed every day between 8-20 inches (20-50cm). Got pretty depressing after a while of never seeing the sun. But now I'm in CO and we don't have half as bad as weather.

Mary - I've tried goat only once and it was nasty. It was an old old old billy goat (approx 8 years old from what the butcher said) and not even the coyotes were willing to eat the meat. But I'm always willing to try it again. I should go to a halal grocery here & get some just to try it.

Larry - That's a beautiful art piece from that artist! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Some of my sumacs are starting to change colors.. my silver maple is starting to drop leaves.. I guess that's about it. The asters are getting ready to open, the bees are dwindling in numbers pretty heavily, but thankfully also the skeeters are mostly gone! YAY! about that!!

Got Dr's appt today for joint & swelling problems (every night my ankles look like basketballs and my joints are hurting bad), got mammogram (my 2nd one .. yay.. Glare ) for tomorrow, then see a dietician tomorrow afternoon later to see about getting bariatrics scheduled & stuff. Leaning mostly towards the new balloon that was finally FDA approved, but they don't have it here in my area yet. And insurance probably won't cover it (a 100% non-surgical method they won't cover, but chopping up the human body, sure, no problems!).

Forgot to mention I got in my new floor yesterday, so Sunday going to start ripping out carpeting & prepping the downstairs so I can install it. It's gonna look so nice!!
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