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Sep 11, 2015 7:15 PM CST
Name: Charlie
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Zone 5a
Thanks, Mary, Sharon, Vic.
I quite like the arrangement of the zoo, Mary.
It's in north-east Toronto.
Attendance has been quite low this year: among other things, the traffic has been very bad in Toronto this summer (Pan Am. Games)
and it's been periodically so hot that the animals understandably have tended to remain inside.

Hope you can remove the racoon, Mary.
They can be very destructive here too.
Had a dead one under our old deck; apparently they can do themselves in by chewing on decks.
Newer deck is not made of the toxic pressure-treated wood; but also there's no way of them getting under this one.

Interesting pink dolphin, Jean.
should match the pink flamingos in Florida.

Two African areas/pavilions:

Some of the 300 species of Cichlids in Lake Malawi.

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/1f0225

Pygmy Hippo

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/f055b4

Sweet little things.
Previously I skeletonized one (in faunal archaeoosteology),
It had unfortunately died (apparently been sat on by it's mother) at the zoo.
Also wrote a paper on Plio-Pleistocene hippotamids.
At that time, the hippopotimids were believed to be relatives of pigs (suids),
Now apparently they're being associated with whales.
More human deaths are associated, In Africa, with hippos (the main (big) species) than any other animal.
They can be very aggressive (the males fighting), attack boats as other males, etc..and
(2) if you get between a frightened hippo (along their runs) and the water you've likely had it.

Egyptian Geese.

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/6cc885

Red River Pig

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/cc5a41

What I really knew was the primates (our order).
Taught Physical Anthropology.

Ring-tailed Lemurs (grooming) (Madagascar).
Madagascar was isolated from the mainland before higher primates (monkeys) appeared.
Consequently, lower primates there (lemurs) do things lower primates do nowhere else in the world.
(e.g. live in social groups).

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/a7a2b4

The Western Lowland Gorillas are another big favourite at the Zoo.
Afraid the pictures are not the best.

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/3b55ab

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/9755dd

Two-year old female (born in the zoo).

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/33d3d0

She was very funny thumping on the window with the human kids on the other side and bringing up and throwing straw bedding in the air.

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/43ce59

Asian primates.

Orangutan (a Great Ape). They're solitary.
Was eating something, then pulled more of cover over self.

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/e6a7d2

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/c77590

Gibbon. Pair-bond and territorial.
With Siamang (Lesser Apes), the true brachiators.
(walk with their arms, while suspended under branches).

Thumb of 2015-09-12/SunnyBorders/821904

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