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Feb 13, 2016 6:47 AM CST
Name: Nancy
Buffalo NY
Well, that cardinal photo of yours will most certainly make a great jigsaw puzzle. Odd coincidence, as soon as I saw it here, before I read the post, I enlarged it and saved it to make my own puzzle, not for Zany. So yes, this will be perfect for her cubit. Anytime. Doesn't have to be winter. But please go to her monthly images forum (Click!) and put it in any month you want.

About the sponge candy, maybe the trip to KY was not the best idea. The inside part is not supposed to be hard. It's soft and kind of crisp at the same time until it gets in your mouth and turns sort of melty. Try another piece. Are they all like that? We can buy it in the bulk section here, and now and then you do find a hard one. No one likes it like that. I don't know what causes it but it's annoying to bite into it and have it be hard as a rock. Are they all like that?

Oh, I just Googled it. It's baking soda that makes it bubbly, and it's moisture that turns it hard.

Larry, what a sweet little face on Palmer. I hope it works out. Palmer needs some love. I hope Brick accepts him/her. (Did you tell us? Boy or girl?)

Yes, you're right, Larry. We do have a reputation in Buffalo for snow. It probably goes back to The Blizzard of '77. (Click!) I have vivid memories of that one. We always did have snowy winters, but that year the eyes of the whole country were on us and our reputation was born. I do feel like the yearly snowfall average has maybe dropped some, but living on the Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario) we do inevitably get some heavy storms. I remember many bad ones since '77

South of the city, like from Buffalo all the way down to PA (along the Lake Erie shore) is where the bulk of it lands. That's ski country. I grew up in East Aurora, a southern suburb of Buffalo, where every year brought deep snowfalls. And we spent practically our whole married life in Depew, which is near the airport and in a different snow belt area and received a lot of snow. So now, living in the northern part of Buffalo, we usually get a lot less than what I was used to. Like moving to Florida. Hilarious!

More info than you asked for, eh?

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