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Feb 13, 2016 7:35 AM CST
Name: Sally
Nichols, iowa
We usually just let it happen. Especially in the winter. In the summer we might plan of going hiking at Wild Cat Den or go to Maquokata caves. The boys really like to do that. We haven't taken the twins much yet. I'd like to start by taking them to Kalona. It's always fun to see the horse drawn buggies. They are also going to open up the cheese house again since improvements have brought it up to code. As soon as you walk into a hallway off the main door you can watch them make the cheese curds they sell. Warm, salty and squeaky!
If you walk around in stocking feet long enough, the floors seem a little cleaner :o)

I stock up on Kleenex in the fall. When colds hit it takes my supply down since there are at least four places in the house we are always blowing our nose.

I have hung clothes that got a little stiff on the line and I never understood bringing in frozen clothes. Was it because there was no where else to hang everything? Then where did the frozen clothes go when brought in?
Pretty dogwood!!

They are ADORABLE!!

Do the coffee grounds really keep the ants out? I see your answer below :o)
Oh gee. Do you have a bad problem with fire ants?
I read about blue poppies so I knew better than to waste my money on plants. They need exact growing conditions and are very touchy, like some orchids. That was when I decided to fill the garden with blue plants. Blue is very hard to find...

That's quite the distance to drive, but you had a good time and now you're back.

They use ''wicked'' on the Harry Potter movies. I always love to hear them say it.
Once, many many years ago, I had a yellow billed cuckoo. Even the little woodpeckers and chickadees haven't been here much more than a few times and I have a sueat feeder out.

Outer space fascinates and terriefies me. It never ends. I love that they can explore it the way they have. I used to Google noises and there is one whistling noise that made my hair stand on end and just seemed to go right thru me! They need to bottle that sound.

That is wonderful!!
There are so many dogs that need a home. Any would be lucky to have you and Wilma as family. What a wonderful place to bring them to you. It just makes sense.

The blue poppies can't take warm weather. I doubt they grow anywhere but in the high altitudes where it's cold.

The twins had their Valentine party on the 10th. I'm so sorry your little guy's school had to cancel. They will have the party later won't they?
How wonderful to pass out treats anyway and yes, they still sell them :o)

Oh Sharon,
My heart is breaking for your sad little dog even tho she made it out of there :o)
HUGS for the bent little lady who always looks vibrant later.

It might help to take pictures thru the window. Much easier to count the birds.

AWESOME Dr appt Sharon!!

Oh Nap,
Your heart is as big as the universe!

Moon is right. Where do you have to go in such a hurry anyway?
Before Charlie retired I stayed on my feet all day doing inside and outside work. If he had to work so should I. No TV and bon bons for me unless I baked them myself.
The year before he retired I stopped and did what I wanted. I really stopped to smell the roses. When he was home for good I felt I had my ''me'' time.

I am just laughing over the elephant!!

HUG HUG HUG for Sunshine!! Such a sweet sensitive friend.

You should suggest to people who can't use a huge onion that they are great sliced thin and fried. I've been making side meals from mine that I grew last year before I lose them to rot. They really kept well in the house this year. We had fried onions often when I was a kid. They contain sulfer so it's like taking medicine.
I'm a little younger, but I remember some of the memory lane. We also have a very old phone book that has the old numbers in it. Charlie has gone thru and marked everyone who has died. There aren't many left to cross off. My Dad and his brother, a couple they ran around with when first married and a couple women are the last of the oldest in town.
You are right. When you try to fight a corporation it's near impossible. The Ag business across the street has three owners. There is safety in numbers.

That is a beautiful picture!! I can see why you love it! I'm drawn right into the petals.

You also have an absolute boxful of treasures!
I would say starlings. The grey sounds like a catbird.
Thanks for the new thread! GORGEOUS cardinal!! I think Zany would love the him!

What a sweet guy. I hope to see all three before you chose.
Brique is priceless waiting for the mending to be done. I love him!

One more cold day and supposedly snow the next few days. Right. Still it gives me a great excuse to make today my ''me'' day instead of tomorrow.

Hang in there, spring is coming for all of us. Some of us just have to wait a bit longer.
Carly was born darker than Callun. The boys are paler like their Mom, but all tan without burning. Catbird cozying up to a manikin.

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