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Feb 13, 2016 9:54 AM CST
Name: Sharon
Good cold sunshiny morning to you!! Thank you so much to the northerners for all the cold air but you can have it back, I am so done with it. And the wind, the cold cold wind, thank you Susan 9kitty, it's blowing right from you to me. I have been up since 7:30, which means I had 5 glorious hours of sleep before Sunshine decided to use me as a pillow. When she does that she not so gently lays her upper body across my chest at an angle so that her chin finds itself on my far shoulder which means her cold damp nose is near my own chin. It works every time, wide awake at 7:30 with a cold wet nose checking out my neck. I should be used to it by now but it wakes me with a jolt every time.

Oh yes, I did sound like I didn't like Palmer, not true, but I do like to see doggy eyes before I claim them as my own. Plus with Larry's most recent year long mournful doggy events, I'm almost afraid to let Palmer into my heart this soon. But every time you talk about adopting a dog, I think of those months in Sunshine's life before she adopted me. I am so crazy about this dog. I know if ever I went into cardiac arrest here while alone at home, Sunshine would be even better than the paddles, she would kiss me back to life. One time back in the early 70s, another dog adopted me and except for being a more grayish color, he looked so much like Palmer. His name was Scruffy while I had him. Anyway, I do hope Palmer is a good fit for you, Wilma, Robin and Brique. Spell check wants to tun that into Brice, three times now and every time it fights back with Brice. Drives me nuts.

Vic, bundle up and stay warm when you climb that mountain, little girl. Don't forget how close to the surface our bones really are

Worried about Andi and Winston too.

Kay's son and family are visiting her from Louisville this weekend. He came out to walk his big black lab wearing only shorts this morning. I'm not sure who he's trying to impress but it is warmer here than in Louisville. His dog was ready to go back inside very quickly but he lingered and did stretches and yawns for awhile.

Yep, Nap, the moisture must be the culprit because every piece I ate was Bricque hard. I couldn't resist that word play. Big Yellow Grin

Ya know, Sally, I've never had cheese curds. Never. Do they taste anything like buttermilk?
Now I'm going to think of elephants all day. Striped ones, like the recent cat I painted. Multi-stiped elephants.

Now try to get that outta your mind, Nap. Multi striped elephants in reds and oranges with a touch or two of purple and yellow. "Nother painting!!

Cute cute cute baby twin pictures, Sally.

Y'all have a great big morning! Grab hold of the warm wherever you find it.

Susan 101, missing you!!

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