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Nov 16, 2010 12:44 PM CST
Name: woofie
NE WA zone 5a
Don't know if this should go in comedy or classics; it's from 1942 and stars Veronica Lake and Frederick March. Unfortunately, it's not available from Netflix. I have it on a VHS tape and am transferring it to a dvd so I don't have to wear out the tape. It's a very cute movie. Anyone else familiar with it?
From Amazon:
"This fun and stylish Rene Clair comedy gave two big Hollywood names--Fredric March and Veronica Lake--a chance to break away from their stereotypically serious roles (as intense leading man and film noir vamp, respectively) and exercise their funny bones. The sultry Lake stars as a Salem witch burned at the stake who returns to haunt the descendants of the Puritans who let her smolder, namely aspiring politician March. Lake concocts a love potion for her victim that will get him to fall in love with her, rather than his snooty fiancée (Susan Hayward in one of her early roles). Things get a wee bit complicated when said potion works its spell on Lake instead and she falls head over broomstick for March. Blissfully hilarious and romantic, this Witch is blessed with great chemistry between March and Lake (who never looked lovelier), dryly funny one-liners, and a scene-stealing performance by Cecil Kellaway as Lake's perennially drunk warlock dad. Robert Benchley of Algonquin Round Table fame also pops up in a supporting role."
Confidence is that feeling you have right before you do something really stupid.
Nov 16, 2010 1:30 PM CST
Name: Sheri W.
SouthCentral WI

I've not heard of it. Too bad Netflix doesn't have it. Thumbs down
Nov 16, 2010 2:59 PM CST
Name: woofie
NE WA zone 5a
Well, if anyone wants to watch it, I'd be willing to loan out the dvd I'm making. Ha! If I ever get it done! Sheesh, takes forever with the software I'm using and my clunky old computer!
Confidence is that feeling you have right before you do something really stupid.

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