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I discovered an amazing world when I found many insects which were attracted to my garden, which I have been developing over the last 12 years (now more). First I took more notice of butterflies, then bees, moths, flies, beetles, you name it the list grew and grew. I had to get a better camera, then a good macro lens in order to be able to capture the smaller bug life. My garden became a very different world to what I had imagined, giving me so much more joy and appreciation of other life around me no matter how small.

If you are an avid bug enthusiast, and take a lot of pics, I will gladly set up a forum here for your pics to keep them all together. Please Cmail me to discuss this.

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Photography & appreciation of all living insects or invertebrates including frogs, bees, butterflies and moths etc. many of which can be found in your garden or pond.

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