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Diptera.info Worldwide identification of flies.
HYMIS Forum Forum for ID of Hymenoptera (wasps, bees etc)
HYMIS Photo Database Photos of Hymenoptera in Europe
British Bugs Picture Gallery for Hemiptera in the UK.
MIRIDAE.dk Photos of Mirid bugs
Bug Guide Identification guide for Insects etc. in the US & Canada.
BWARS (Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society) UK site for bees, wasps & ants
NHM Bumblebees ID guide to World Bombus on Natural History Museum.
Bumblebee Conservation Trust BBCT Gallery of Britains Bumblebees
Bumblebee Identification Biological Recording in Scotland with useful ID tips
Bombus Italy Italian site with photo galleries and ID keys to Bombus species.
Nature Conservation (Heathland Bees) Lowland heathland Bees UK.
Nature Conservation (Woodland Bees) Woodland & Hedgerow Bees UK
Nature Conservation (Downland Bees) Downland bees UK
Bee Fauna of Slovenia Checklist of species of bees of Slovenia with pics and info.
Wild Bees Nomada keys & other bees, translated German site.
Cuckoo Bee Photos by Albert de Wilde of Nomada and other Bombus cuckoo bees.
Hymenoptera.ZSM's photostream Wasps & Bees Bavaria, DNA barcoding samples.
Dutch Bees & their relations Survey of Dutch bees with some info on feeding habits & parasites
HALICTUS & SPHECODES KEY (PART 2) BIODIVERSITY HERITAGE LIBRARY Lasioglossum & Sphecodes keys British species.
Wespenbienen (Nomada) Nomada (wasp bee) species pics.
CHRYSIS.net Chrysididae (Jewel) wasps. Now with a forum!
Nature Conservation (Woodland Wasps) Woodland & Hedgerow Solitary Wasps UK
Nature Conservation (Heathland Wasps) Lowland Heathland solitary wasps UK
Vespidae Belgium Families of wasps in Belgium with specimens.
NETHERLANDS SPECIES CATALOGUE (Crossocerus) Crossocerus (wasp) species with some pics.
Atlas Hymenoptera Many pics of European bees and other hymenoptera with family index.
Identification Atlas of the Vespidae (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) of the northeastern Nearctic region Useful keys for Wasps
Social Wasps of Britain KEY PICS pdf 1
Social Wasps of Britain (2) KEY PICS pdf 2
Universal Chalcidoidea Database Natural History Museum Chalcid wasp database and images.
Palaearctic Osmiine Bees Info & Pics
Bee Genera of Eastern Canada With useful keys and pics, relating to bees in other part of the world.
HYMENOPTERA Parasitic Parasitic wasps with some pics, keys and translation from Catalan.
Parasitica Hedgerowmobile Parasitic wasps of Britain
Parasitic Apocrita ~ Bugguide Family guide to parasitic wasps
Parasite wasps Parasitic wasps found around Brisbane QLD Australia
Ichneumonid Morphology Detailed drawings and named body parts of Ichneumonoid wasps.
Identification key to the subfamilies of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) PDF, Subfamily ID features of Ichneumonidae in Britain & Ireland.
The Diapriidae Key to Diapriidae (wasps)
Types of British Ant Key to subfamilies of Ants in Britain
Discover Life World lists & distribution of Bees, Wasps, Ants. Some pictures.
Hymatol.org Hymenoptera glossary
Orthoptera Recording Scheme UK Grasshoppers & Crickets. Also Earwigs, Cockroaches, Mantids, Stick Insects.
Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniidae, Belgian site.

UK Moths Moths in the UK.
UKLEPS Moths, caterpillars & eggs in the UK inc. some butterflies.
UK Micro moth images UK Micro moth images
Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa Moths and butterflies of Europe.
Lepiforum.de German site with variations in moths
EILEMA (Free Encyclopedia) Footman moth species
Lépidoptères de France Moths & Butterflies southern France
Lepidoptera: Geographical Index Links to world Butterfly & Moth sites.
Tom Murray at pbase Lepidoptera caterpillar images
Caterpillars of North Texas Caterpillars of Butterflies
Moth Photographers Group North American Moth links.
Moths of Canada Search by region, family, check lots of boxes at once to get the pics.
Butterflies & Skippers of North America Easy to use guide to Butterflies of North America
UK Butterflies Easy to use guide to Butterflies in the UK
NABA South Texas Butterflies of South Texas
Sphingidae of the United States Hawk Moths of the United States.
Sphingidae of Brazil Hawk Moths of Brazil, with index to other South American Sphingidae.
Spiders of NW Europe Links included to world spider sites.
Watford Coleoptera Group Beetles in the UK Gallery.
WCG Home page with INDEX & KEYS
Beetle Fauna of Germany Beetle Families with many pics.
Beetle Gallery Koleopterologie Beetles Germany
Eakring Birds Beetles of Eakring & Sherwood Forest, Notts. UK
The Coleopterist Beetle species UK
Coleoptera - Beetles of the World Family list of beetles with pics.
Ladybird Survey pdf larvae Larvae pics of UK Ladybirds
Ladybird Survey Ladybird species in the UK
Stippen Ladybird species Holland.
Ladybirds India Common species of Coccinellidae of the Indian Region

Coleoptera of Quebec Guide with examples of beetles found in Quebec, Canada.
Cerambycidae Czech site with pics of beetles in Cerambycidae
European Chrysomelidae Warsaw Uni, Poland. Site with pics of Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae
Elateridae of the British Isles Beetles in the Family Elateridae in the UK
Atlas of beetles of Russia K.V. Makarov macro photos. More pics from home page.
Dytiscidae Water Beetles pics Polish entomology site
Click Beetles of the Palearctic Region Many Elateridae pics.
Aquatic Invertebrates of Alberta Canada Info and line drawings of many aquatic larvae.
Cerambycoidea Photo Gallery of more than 1,500 species of world Cerambycoidea (Beetles)
DIGITAL DRAGONFLIES Dragonfly Families with many pictures.
Dragonflies & Damselfies of the US Lists for each state in the US with some pics as well as locations.
British Dragonfly Society Checklist of UK species with pics.
America Dragonfly Dragonflies of the Americas including north, south and islands. Searchable database.
Hoverfly Recording Scheme Syrphidae in the UK.
Tachinid Recording Scheme Tachinidae species in the UK
The Society for the study of flies Diptera in the UK
Syrphidae d'Europe Photos of syrphidae, "Liste par ordre alphabétique des genres"
DrawWing Diptera and other insect wing venation
insecte.org Eristalis key
Faunist Conopidae of Northwest Europe
myspecies.info Draft key to the European Lonchaea species
UK FLYMINES Plant hosts to diptera and other insects
Leaf mines British leaf miners
Biological Records Centre Database of Insects and their Food Plants
nku.edu Fly Anatomy and keys to Calyptrate Diptera to Family, Calliphoridae to Species

DOLICHOPODIDAE Keys to European Dolichopodidae
Finnish Crane flies Tipulidae wings and photos of craneflies
Mosquito catalogue Keys to British Culicidae mosquitoes inc. larvae.
kehlmaier Pipunculidae identification keys Europe
dipteristsforum.org.uk Psilidae keys UK
hccnet.nl Rhagionidae and Athericidae of Northwest Europe keys
Syrphidae of Poland Syrphidae gallery Poland
canacoll.org Syrphidae Canada keys
Tachinid Morphology Tachinidae body parts
Therevidae of Northwest Europe Keys
cthirion Ichneumonidae Camille Thirion
Wasp ID eakring birds Identification of social wasps
Google books Keys to genera of Nearctic Chalcidoidea
brc NHM Identification key to the subfamilies of Ichneumonidae
pdf in German Sphecidae Pemphredon keys
Nature Spot Photos of insects Leicestershire
Vespidae keys ualberta Wasp keys Canada
Bumblebee key Charts showing bumblebee colour bands
Fauna of Netherlands Andrena keys in Dutch
Nomada of Netherlands Nomada keys in Dutch.
Hymenoptera van de nev Links to hymenoptera keys
Bee Genera of Eastern Canada ualberta Bee keys Canada

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