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Apr 19, 2014 10:35 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Hello to all,

My friend and I were once more so fortunate to have been in paradise for two months in a protected Atlantic rainforest area in Brazil around Paraty.
Unlike my previous trip in 2009-2010 where I hardly got any chance to photograph the birds, having no telephoto lens, this time was very different though I still don't have such a lens. I have to explain why.

We once more enjoyed the generous hospitality of our Brazilian friends who had just constructed a new home in the middle of the forest, doing the utmost to get it more or less ready for our arrival.
Its unique location on a very steep hill made it ideal for photographing birds, because you could see the top parts of trees underneath where the birds mostly forage. The 180 degrees view over the dense forest canopy was amazingly wonderful and absolutely unique!

Especially the first floor which has a big balcony built on was perfect and I of course took advantage of that! Though some of the tree tops were fairly close, it still wouldn’t give me close shots with my macro lens which also has a telephoto function, but too limited.

As the balcony in concrete had no fences yet and very bare, soon the idea popped up to get some potted plants there, serving as a kind of markings for the edges, it would also serve to attract birds and wildlife closer by!

I found some left over hollow concrete blocks which were laying about after the construction. They could serve as planting pots! Then I went out to get some small wild plants, grasses and ‘weeds’ to pot them up in the concrete blocks.
That looked fairly good, but gradually I also added old, often half-rotten tree stumps with mosses and small ferns growing on. Later on my friend added to the embellishment by adding pebbles and small stones from the riverbed she selected and collected.

It did look inviting and attractive for us and for wildlife.

The tree stumps were ideal, serving as a natural looking dinner plate where I put on ripe and overripe bananas, later on also mango, papaya and sometimes Jaca chunks.

That proved a great success! Very soon the birds had discovered a restaurant with excellent service at demand! Hilarious! What a joy to see those colourful birds so close-by. They soon lost all fear and got to a stage that they literally came to ask for more if the food supply got short!

As the room on the first floor had two big facing windows and a big door leading to the balcony which were nearly constantly open, the birds also started to make use of that as a short cut on their flight route, so you would get birds passing by just over your head! Lovey dubby

Comments welcome on this thread

Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/fc7113
Apr 19, 2014 11:05 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Green-headed Tanager - Tangara seledon

Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/e6e4ba Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/adcf9e Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d07ea3
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b561e7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c7256b Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/6908a7
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ef2bc7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/422549 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c4e74c
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d7b001 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/aad148 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/60ac79
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f6affd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f37803 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b8c0f3
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/2ce37c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/413fdd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/238c14
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/2d38a7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/fd15ab Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ad0947
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4881a6 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/dbdb86 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/5c3c99
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/99771b Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d58066 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8e5233
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b520dd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/55f227 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/93497d
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ffb3df Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/126878 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/82fd8a
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4f042c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4846d6 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f4910b
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c9a98a Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/cd0097 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/9cb671
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ee3128 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d126f4 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/1afa5d
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/a621d7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/55ef8e Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/190978
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/cb1665 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f1c266 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8c9477
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/12401c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/189668 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/fc78fc
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8f6a8a Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f69adc Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/bf7d57
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/bddf21 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/9bae81 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/858462
Immature bird with Rufus-headed Tanager female.
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/d10b45
Apr 22, 2014 12:50 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Sayaca Tanager - Tangara sayaca

Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/63a956 Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/305bf5 Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/b63da6
Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/697389 Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/105d8e Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/c22286
In company of the Green-headed Tanager Smiling
Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/71c611 Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/3e077d Thumb of 2014-04-22/bonitin/1b16a2
Apr 23, 2014 3:10 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Rufus-headed Tanager - Hemithraupis ruficapilla (Thanks to JRsbugs for the id!)

Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/fd660e
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/5a94dc Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/7f3d33 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/41226e
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/090f81 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/5fe27f Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/370e7a
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/963142 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/573f30 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/890807
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/69fe9f Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/fcdd8a Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/40ca0f
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/8616a9 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/7a4a81 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/b974ff
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/ca7b67 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/931b44 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/3ac94c
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/62c187 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/534144 Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/0ea23e
Thumb of 2014-04-23/bonitin/97876e
Apr 24, 2014 12:51 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Lucy, the owl.
The Spectacled Owl - Pulsatrix perspicillata

About a week before the year switch, amongst all the jungle sounds at night, we woke up from an eerie wailing sound repeated with intervals coming from the woods. I thought that might be an owl but it kind of sounded human like from a person in distress. My friend got worried thinking there might be someone who got lost in the forest, trying to locate the direction until the moment the wailing sounds all of a sudden came from the opposite direction, that could not be, so we both laughed at our worries and concluded it had to be an owl. Hilarious!

Of course that was exiting!

The next nights the owl came back, I wanted so badly to see it and began to call back imitating the wailing as best as I could, it responded!! We both went on then, so there was a trio wailing in the night! Hilarious!

We baptised the owl with the name Lucy , her wailing reminding us of the wailing ghost Lucy in the Sorceress school, from the Harry Potter’s series.
Each night the sound came closer by, until one night at new years eve just after midnight on the first day of the year, I could see it landing in the dark exactly on the branch of the tree I had visualized being a perfect spot for an owl to sit on, she had a whitish ‘coat’ and a black face.
Trying to get some good shots of her in the dark would be a challenge, I needed a strong light, the distance from the balcony to the tree was about 10m I think, but it was a big bird.
With a strong led lamp pointed at her, the camera managed to focus. The bird didn’t seem to be bothered by the light or the flash, on the contrary, she was fascinated!
She was so charming making little dancing movements on her branch while looking at us. Lovey dubby

At a particular moment I saw a second smaller owl landing, it was her baby and then they flew off together disappearing in the dark. Though being big birds with powerful wings their flight is soundless.
We got to see her several times after, if she wouldn’t appear we started calling at her and usually got response, we had the impression that she loved all that attention and would eventually become a pet owl! Smiling

Owls I find are like cats with wings, so much similarity in their manners and looks.
Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/3cd644 Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/464c5e Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/819b5a
Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/ec57dc Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/e5220c Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/596114
Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/5aafd5 Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/d0692d Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/e35e00
Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/2c68b0 Thumb of 2014-04-24/bonitin/64b9e8
Apr 25, 2014 12:50 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Turquoise Honeycreeper - Dacnis cayana

Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/2195f6 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/45ff01 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/9850d8
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/28633d Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/7d1afe Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/32c348

Male (looks very different!)
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/0e904d Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/7637e8 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/eb4af1
Apr 25, 2014 1:11 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Red-neckted Tanager - Tangara cyanocephala

I only saw these two times the second week of December very early in the morning, it was still dark!
The green one is probably their baby.
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/5f0719 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/767821 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/27eda6
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/5394ac Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/803e4a Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/306e10 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/78931d
Apr 25, 2014 1:51 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Violaceous Euphonia - Euphonia violacea

Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/8a465b Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/eb31e0 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/e6b4e4
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/14c970 Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/94363e Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/406253
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/bc9841
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/32d452 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/770d40
Female with Mrs. Rufus-headed Tanager.
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/2781eb

With Mrs. and Mr. Rufus-headed Tanager
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/ec1547

"MY banana, beak-off!" Hilarious!
Thumb of 2014-04-25/bonitin/9093eb

Apr 26, 2014 12:32 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Olive-green Tanager - Orthogonys chloricterus

Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/2d22d9 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/5f95f3 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/c1aa63
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/a12a03 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/8215e0 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/9c979c
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/642146 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/74b4d2 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/b1f998
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/e6f90d Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/4b61ca Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/2405d3
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/526308 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/7773c8 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/edb518
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/389246 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/0e0ed6
Apr 26, 2014 1:18 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Not all birds were attracted to bananas or fruit on the balcony! Rolling my eyes.
So these are far shots and often very cropped, a real tele-photo lens would have given me much more opportunities.

Black-banded Woodcreeper - Dendrocolaptes picumnus (Thanks to JRsbugs for the ID!)
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/029a2a Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/50d9ee
Apr 26, 2014 1:31 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium

Ferruginous Antbird - Drymophila ferruginea
Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/ef5449 Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/0316f0
Apr 26, 2014 1:38 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Blond-crested Woodpecker - Celeus flavescens

Thumb of 2014-04-26/bonitin/5c9864
Apr 26, 2014 11:06 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Ruby-crowned Tanager - Tachyphonus coronatus

The ruby crown patch of the male is usually hidden.
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/89588a Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/7ad876 Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/3b94b1
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/a8308a Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/e4aade Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/31c294
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/20d41a Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/db48bd
He was often bullying the other birds!
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/d50bb3

Apr 26, 2014 11:43 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Chestnut-bellied Euphonia - Euphonia pectoralis (Thanks to JRsbugs for the ID!)
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/cb8e13 Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/27c2f5
Apr 26, 2014 11:50 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Only saw this striking bird once, landing for a short instance.

Green Honeycreeper - Chlorophanes spiza
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/60eb1d
Apr 27, 2014 12:23 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Rufous-bellied Trush - Turdus rufiventris
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/b904b6 Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/d584f2 Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/0d4733
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/fe50a5 Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/252014
Apr 29, 2014 2:11 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Rufous-tailed Jacamar - Galbula ruficauda (Thanks to JRsbugs for the ID!)
Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/7ba522 Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/a921ef Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/b3dd97
Apr 29, 2014 2:18 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
It is the turn on the Hummingbirds, they proved to be a whole challenge to photograph at least in the air when hovering, they were abundant and always present, a few times I took position by a big group of blooming Heliconium growing on the way down to the river, and didn't have to wait long before a hummingbird would come to feed hovering on the nectar.
It came to visit two or tree flowers and all that in a few seconds before taking off again, no matter how I tried I didn't manage to get a reasonable shot, or there was a leaf or stem blocking the view, or I simply wasn't fast enough.
When they were sitting on a branch it was more doable but also then they were often high up on the tree in the shade.

cf. Many-spotted Hummingbird - Taphrospilus hypostictus
Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/c3badf
Apr 29, 2014 2:26 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Saw-billed Hermit - Ramphodon naevius
Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/ef2993 Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/c524a4 Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/5049b7
Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/0be62c Thumb of 2014-04-29/bonitin/d892cf
Apr 30, 2014 12:24 AM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
I sometimes had Heliconium flowers in a bottle in the hope to attract hummingbirds to the balcony, they did come a few times sipping on the nectar, but I wasn't fast enough to capture them or didn't have the camera at hand, so I had given up on the idea. And then on the day we had packed and ready for the trip back to Rio where we had to catch the flight back 2 day later, when least expected, a hummingbird came sitting on a branch I had set up on the balcony. It didn't come to feed as I had no more flowers, but just sat there looking at me! Did it feel compassion with me? Hilarious!
My camera was packed too, but it gave me time to take a few shots that didn't come out very well because it was against the light.

Violet-capped Woodnymph - Thalurania glaucopis. (Female)
Thumb of 2014-04-30/bonitin/c1ee68 Thumb of 2014-04-30/bonitin/c94b2c Thumb of 2014-04-30/bonitin/c8c2f3

And a couple very poor shots of what I think could be the same bird,
the only I got from my frustrating waiting by the Heliconium group down the hill. Rolling my eyes. Hilarious!
Thumb of 2014-04-30/bonitin/5884fc Thumb of 2014-04-30/bonitin/93a1b8

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