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Apr 19, 2014 10:35 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Hello to all,

My friend and I were once more so fortunate to have been in paradise for two months in a protected Atlantic rainforest area in Brazil around Paraty.
Unlike my previous trip in 2009-2010 where I hardly got any chance to photograph the birds, having no telephoto lens, this time was very different though I still don't have such a lens. I have to explain why.

We once more enjoyed the generous hospitality of our Brazilian friends who had just constructed a new home in the middle of the forest, doing the utmost to get it more or less ready for our arrival.
Its unique location on a very steep hill made it ideal for photographing birds, because you could see the top parts of trees underneath where the birds mostly forage. The 180 degrees view over the dense forest canopy was amazingly wonderful and absolutely unique!

Especially the first floor which has a big balcony built on was perfect and I of course took advantage of that! Though some of the tree tops were fairly close, it still wouldn’t give me close shots with my macro lens which also has a telephoto function, but too limited.

As the balcony in concrete had no fences yet and very bare, soon the idea popped up to get some potted plants there, serving as a kind of markings for the edges, it would also serve to attract birds and wildlife closer by!

I found some left over hollow concrete blocks which were laying about after the construction. They could serve as planting pots! Then I went out to get some small wild plants, grasses and ‘weeds’ to pot them up in the concrete blocks.
That looked fairly good, but gradually I also added old, often half-rotten tree stumps with mosses and small ferns growing on. Later on my friend added to the embellishment by adding pebbles and small stones from the riverbed she selected and collected.

It did look inviting and attractive for us and for wildlife.

The tree stumps were ideal, serving as a natural looking dinner plate where I put on ripe and overripe bananas, later on also mango, papaya and sometimes Jaca chunks.

That proved a great success! Very soon the birds had discovered a restaurant with excellent service at demand! Hilarious! What a joy to see those colourful birds so close-by. They soon lost all fear and got to a stage that they literally came to ask for more if the food supply got short!

As the room on the first floor had two big facing windows and a big door leading to the balcony which were nearly constantly open, the birds also started to make use of that as a short cut on their flight route, so you would get birds passing by just over your head! Lovey dubby

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