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Apr 19, 2014 11:05 PM CST
Name: Myriam
Gent, Belgium
Green-headed Tanager - Tangara seledon

Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/e6e4ba Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/adcf9e Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d07ea3
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b561e7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c7256b Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/6908a7
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ef2bc7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/422549 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c4e74c
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d7b001 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/aad148 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/60ac79
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f6affd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f37803 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b8c0f3
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/2ce37c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/413fdd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/238c14
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/2d38a7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/fd15ab Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ad0947
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4881a6 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/dbdb86 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/5c3c99
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/99771b Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d58066 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8e5233
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/b520dd Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/55f227 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/93497d
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ffb3df Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/126878 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/82fd8a
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4f042c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/4846d6 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f4910b
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/c9a98a Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/cd0097 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/9cb671
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/ee3128 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/d126f4 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/1afa5d
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/a621d7 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/55ef8e Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/190978
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/cb1665 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f1c266 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8c9477
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/12401c Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/189668 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/fc78fc
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/8f6a8a Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/f69adc Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/bf7d57
Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/bddf21 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/9bae81 Thumb of 2014-04-20/bonitin/858462
Immature bird with Rufus-headed Tanager female.
Thumb of 2014-04-27/bonitin/d10b45

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