By Susan Bryant (lakesidecallas) on March 7, 2011

These bulbs are coming to us from Pacific Callas- They've given us a great selection, many of these varieties are not available for sale to the public. Peter from Pacific Callas is a great guy and has worked with Co-ops here at Cubits and at Dave's Garden for many years. Please pass the word around to any of your gardening friends that might be interested! Grab a piece of paper to make your selections- we have a total of 58 bulbs to chose from!! Whoo-hoo!! The order thread can be found in the Calla Lily World cubit, or you can CMail me.

Here are the Calla photos- prices include shipping from Pacific Callas to me.
Pacific Callas estimates being able to ship the bulbs to me the 3 or 4th week of March, depending on the weather and bulb availability.
I will have everything ready to go when the bulbs arrive, and will pack mail out your boxes right away. Those of you who were in the Agri-Starts co-op last year know I'm pretty quick.

Callafornia Callas- 2 step larger than last year's co-op 2"
These bulbs will be huge! (I didn't run the Calla co-op last year, someone else did)

Amethyst $2.10

Crystal Blush $2.10

Fire Dancer $2.10

Fire Glow $2.10

Flame $2.10

Garnet Glow $2.10

Gold Rush $2.10

Golden Chalice $2.10

Grape Velvet (deep purple) $2.10

Neon Amour $2.10

Parfait $2.10

Twilight $2.10

White Albo $2.10

White Aethiopica 2" $2.30

Green Goddess 2" $2.15

New Varieties from Holland, huge bulbs!

Arisaema Speciosum (Jack in the Pulpit) $7.50

Akela $6.80 exclusive!

Allure $5.70 exclusive!

Apricot Glow $6.05 ]exclusive!

Black Star $6.80

Callista $6.40 Exclusive!

Cantor $ 6.75 Exclusive!

Captain Camaro$6.80

Captain Maori $7.55

Captain Murano $7.90

Captain Paris $6.65

Captain Prado $6.90

Captain Promise $6.65

Captain Reno $6.65

Captain Romance $5.90

Captain Rosette $6.90

Captain Safari $7.00

Captain Ventura $7.15 Exclusive!

Jewel of the Night $7.05 Exclusive!

Majestic Red $6.05

Odessa $6.80

Orange Beauty $6.05 Exclusive!

Passion Fruit $6.20 Exclusive!

Picasso $5.10

Red Alert $6.05

Red Sox  $5.90

Rudolph $7.05 Exclusive!

San Remo $6.30 Exclusive!

Vermeer $5.75

 Schwarzwalder $4.80 (size 16-18, medium, smaller than others) (Note: What Pacific Callas calls medium is a bulb probably about 2 inches wide, bigger than other sellers by far!)

ALSO: we can get these colors, but only if you get 25 Bulbs per color out of the co-op:

Best Gold $6.30 Exclusive!

Butter Scotch $6.30 Exclusive!

Captain Cupido $6.15 

Elegant Swan $6.30

Golden Nugget $6.30 Exclusive!

Pink Jewel $6.30 Exclusive!

Rose Queen $6.30 Exclusive!

San Remo $6.30 Exclusive!

Santa Fe $6.15

Serrada $6.15

Strong Gold $6.30 Exclusive!
This must be some sort of yellow- but I can't find a photo for it.

White Ideal $6.30 Exclusive!

As you can probably figure out, these are absolutely my favorite flowers. Most are 12-24" tall and make great bouquets, and look spectacular in the garden. The flowers last a long time, too!

You can see how much we're saving off the regular prices here: http://www.callalilyshop.pacificcallas.com/allvarieties.htm

Pot Size Chart: http://www.pacificcallas.com/Potchart.htm
Planting and Care Guides: http://www.callalilyshop.pacificcallas.com/planting.htm

When ordering, please give me
Your real name :
Physical address where bulbs are to be shipped:
Email address:
Phone number:
Your bulb order
Payment Method- Money Order, Check, or PayPal

Please don't chat on the order list, there will be a chat thread up for the co-op. Just makes it easier on me to do the orders, as I am running this one myself.

The order thread is here:

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About Susan Bryant
I'm a crazy plant-a-holic that loves Calla Lilies. A bit of an obsessive gardener, I set out to collect every variety; while I haven't accomplished that goal, I've grown a lot of beautiful flowers and had fun doing it.

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