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Mar 15, 2010 1:51 AM CST
Name: Howie
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Some time ago there were several ladies who were trying to deal with mean roosters and were also worried about aggressive roosters and their children. Is there a way to deal with this on going problem or do you put them in freezer camp, or rehome them. I guess the answer to this is depending on the individual. But what happens when you have a wonderful rooster that is aggressive and you don't want to rehome, or put them in freezer camp? Trust me there is an effective way to deal with them.

Just yesterday one of my customers called me to tell me his wife and daughter had been attacked by their very large rooster. The bird had cut his wife up pretty good, the daughter got out unharmed but both were really traumatized. I asked if I could come over and talk with his wife and look at the rooster. After probably a couple hours of listening to the story as his wife told it and my asking questions he (husband) agreed to let me have the bird for a few day so I could work with it. After I am finished he and wife agreed I would do a demonstration and the husband,wife, and daughter would watch and then they would make a decision on the fate of the Rooster. This whole situation only served to remind me of some eight months ago I taught a class on taming agressive roosters on Daves Garden, It's really very simple but some just don't have the correct info in this area and often good roosters are done away with because of not being armed with the facts. I wasn't sure if the info would be inportant to anyone here or not and just thought I'd put it out to see if there was any interest. If not and everyone is fine thats great, if any one feels a need for the info I would be glad to share it. Howie.

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