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Mar 15, 2010 9:24 PM CST
Name: Howie
Invest in those you love and trust
There are three basic types of roosters:

A. Those who tolerate and sometimes seemingly even invite your presence. If yours is this type. Wonderful, but know under the right conditions everything can suddenly change.

B. Those who have imprinted on you and think your one of his mates, watch for the dropped wind and the dance in your presence. Be careful with this one and maybe even just a stick to tap him may be enough to discourage him from thinking you want to mate with him.

C. Those who feel your are a threat to him or even worse, to his girls. This guy is totally unpredictable and may charge you openly or often times will wait til you turn your back, and then nail you or blindside you. I always advise women especially, wear some reasonably protective gear when retrieving eggs or cleaning the pen's if there is any roosters around. Maybe a banty no problem but some of these boys are fifteen to twenty lbs, and when they hit you you know you've been hit. Use common sense. If you have a mean or aggressive rooster then don't think to clobber him for what he does by instinct. He is only doing what he understands. DOMINANCE. Whe two dominate roosters meet it's generally a battle to see who surrenders. Once one has surrendered it's all over, from that point on its just a casual reminder of whose's in charge. So here is an exercise in dominance that only takes about five minutes maybe four sessions in one week, after that its just a casual reminder. Note the position of the roosters head in this first pic.

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