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Mar 15, 2010 9:47 PM CST
Name: Howie
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Now notice the position of the roosters head in this picture. This rooster is about sixteen lbs and just beat the dickens out of the owners wife. I have no protective gear here except notice the gloved hand. I had protective gear when I first captured him and then chose to remove it to make my work easier, it was very warm today, and I am experienced. This pic you are looking at is a pic of a rooster than understands dominance. I have dominated him very gently by holding him tightly so he can't flogg me with his wings, I also have is legs and spurs tucked tightly into my side when he can't use them. Now the only thing that remains in his power point is his beak which is very powerful but he can't use it if he can't see me. There fore I have removed his ability to see me.

The way you do this (remove his sight) is one of two ways, place your gloved finger on the end of his beak and gently press down til his head is straight down to the ground. If your afraid of the beak the place two fingers on the back of his neck toward the head and gently press his head down to where he can only see the ground. After his head is in this position continue to hold it for thirty seconds, let go. If he raises his head repeat the process and hold down again for thirty seconds. Continue this process intil you an walk around with holding his own head down for at least one minute and preferebly 90 seconds. If you will repeat this process three times in one week you should get to the point where when you capture him you just go for the neck and bingo he knows the drill and he puts his head down indefinitely. Even for the most aggressive roosters I seldom have to go over three sessions. Then I repeat it once a month until a few months go by and you no longer have a rooster problem. Just now and then a gentile reminder. This is just using what they understand. I see no reason to be mean or enter into a dispute with an animal. To use his own techniques will get you a lot further quicker...Haystack.

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