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Mar 18, 2010 2:37 PM CST
Name: Susan B
East TN
Haystack, you need to come over to my house! I have a rooster of type D:

Type D: Hates a certain person and always is after them.

I have a small gray bantam that simply hates me. He tries to attack me with his spurs and I have several holes in both shins to prove it. When I'm inside the chicken pen he will even fly up on top and try to peck my head through the chickenwire. He'll chase me through the woods.

This is the best- we have a small window in our kitchen area and keep it open all the time in warm weather. If he hears me in the kitchen he'll fly up in a tree and walk out on a branch to get as close as he can to the window without falling off. He'll give me the beady eyed stare and crow and crow.

Our chickens are basically pets, so we couldn't kill him (although I've been tempted many times), plus, he is so pretty, we haven't seen any like him. Occasionally he'll go after my husband, but he will follow me around all day to try and get at me. Oddly enough his bantam brother is the sweetest bird, eats from our hands, cuddles, etc. If I yell for the brother he'll come and chase the evil one off, which is nice!

Do you think the head thing would work with him?

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