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Mar 19, 2010 5:17 PM CST
Name: Lenette
Hi, Yes you can put the boxes inside the coop or build it into the side with a door that you can open from the outside to get the eggs like in this design (scroll way down the page)
I really like the french blue and white colors on this coop, I'm thinking of painting my new one that way.

Hey, you could always get a few silkies to mix in with the other egg layers. Haha! Beware, that's how you get addicted...a little of this...a little of that....:) Buff orps are a nice choice. We used to raise Barred Rocks but we didnt have any other chickens with them so I dont know if they are bossy lol. We just had some ducks and geese that ran around the yard with them then. I have some barred rock chicks now (2 pullets) I will have to keep an eye and see if they try to boss the others. Right now they are still little and get along okay.

It sounds like you are going to make a type of chicken tractor (moveable coop). That will be nice they can mow the lawn and fertilize as you move them. If you have a lot of predators around (hawks, owls, foxes, dogs, feral cats, raccoons etc.) be sure to use hardware cloth for the run. Many predators can easily chew through chicken wire. Also put wire over the top to prevent the Birds of Prey from getting them.

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