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Jun 24, 2010 10:43 AM CST
Name: Howie
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Hi Wildflowers: What a pleasure to meet you. I always strongly suggest the person dealing with the rooster go through the proccess. Most often it works quickly, however if you study chickens you will notice with the flock that from time to time one will assert themselves while feeding, drinking or even mating and the more dominate will remind the subordinate to keep their place with a peck. If you watch chickens you will notice they will go to extreme measures only when gentle reminders don't work. Therefore I tell others that you may have to repeat the process a couple times for the hard headed rooster to get the message. I don't like to see mean measures with animals. I'd rather study them to understand how they operate. The wife that got badly spurred by this rooster did go thru the dominance process twice with me and the rooster. She was a little timid and the rooster sensed that. However that has been quite a while ago and she nor her daughter has had a problem with him since. I also suggest wearing the same clothing as much as possible so the birds recognize you and sing, yodle or make the same noise as you approach them so they aren't startled. I also use that process to stop roosters from fighting. When they don't get along I dominate both roosters in front of each other and the fighting stops...Good luck to you my dear and feel free to private mail me anytime if you want to...Haystack

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