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Image Television, videos, and education
By Lance Gardner on May 10, 2011

This is an article recently written by my son's first grade teacher at a private Waldorf school. I have published it here with his permission; it was originally written for the school newsletter. I hope you enjoy it.

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Image Television, video games, and education: Part 2
By Lance Gardner on May 28, 2011

Can life ever be boring with an inventive mind and active body? Read on to find out, as Mr. Phil gives us another look at what we can accomplish without electronic distractions.

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Family Fun - Wireless & Unplugged

I created this cubit to share ways of motivating families, especially children, to get outside, and activities to do once everyone is outside. Being outdoors is a wonderfully fun and healthy activity. Let's share indoor unplugged activities, as well.

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