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By Arlene Marshall (TwinLakesChef) on August 27, 2010

Our grandchildren, ages 2 and 5, were coming to visit and we needed some ideas of what kind of food to have available. Their mother sent a list of foods they liked. After a post at Yum Yum Divas, the Divas dove in offering up suggestions.

When they arrived and came flying through the front door, we were pulling the Sloppy Joe Biscuits out of the oven. A big thank-you to grannyof8 for the recipe. It was very tasty and we'll make it to take as an appetizer to adult parties. It certainly isn't as messy to handle as a regular Sloppy Joe sandwich.

Sloppy Joe Biscuits



We had purchased animal plates and cups which delighted the children.  We had been told that cantaloupe was a current favorite and we were lucky to have chosen a very tasty one. The 5 year old was so thrilled when she saw the ice cream cone with the cantaloupe in it but informed me she no longer liked cantaloupe.  She did eat the cone.


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For dessert we had Frozen Rice Krispie Treats. After I prepared them, I asked grannyof8 what I could do to make them more colorful. She suggested I roll the sides (where you see the vanilla ice cream) in sprinkles. I found mini M&Ms, mini chocolate chips and multicolored chocolate sprinkles. That was just the finishing touch we needed.

Frozen Rice Krispies Treats

One morning the 5 year old enjoyed helping me make Carolyn's Double Blueberry Muffins.  The 2 year old was scared of the noise of the mixer.

Double Blueberry Muffins


Another meal was Doggie on a Stick shared by grannyof8.

Doggie on a Stick

2010-08-26/TwinLakesChef/5afa01 2010-08-26/TwinLakesChef/754c112010-08-26/TwinLakesChef/2196c5

Creamsicle Shake, thanks to herbie43, was a hit with both children and adults. 

Creamsicle Shake 

We had bought a Barbie fishing pole for the 5 year old.  The fishing experience was a memory these children will never forget.  They were in awe of seeing a live wiggling fish and wanted to keep looking at it but were a little intimidated by a fish being so close.


Dea's suggestion of making pancakes was great.  However, I didn't do too good of a job trying to write their names in pancake batter.  I turned the pancake making over to the 5 year old and she informed me we needed to put some chocolate chips in them.  I told her if she would finish eating her eggs we could do that.


I couldn't find my sandpails to make Debbie's "Flower Mud Pot" but it was sure a cute idea.  And given that they were not too keen on eggs, I didn't do Ernie's "One Eyed Joe" (but I'll be doing that one for myself)

The last night I took patrob's suggestion of making what they like even if it seemed simple and bland to me ~ there wasn't one peep out of them as they devoured their macaroni and cheese!


But the favorite of all was grmsue's suggestion ~ Iowa Corn-On-The-Cob!

Thanks to all the Divas that helped us pull this together.  We've created memories that will remain with our grandchildren that will stay with them forever.

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