I would like to share ideas and information on activities that will encourage families, especially the younger people, to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Ideas and activities that our children will look forward to doing are the best ones, as they will want to go outside and do things then. Of course, one of the best things to allow any child to do is to just go outside and play any way they want to, as long as it is not destructive or harmful. Having various activities is just a way to motivate everyone to get out the door, and sometimes getting the family out the door is all that is needed, and the rest just unfolds.

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Family Fun - Wireless & Unplugged

I created this cubit to share ways of motivating families, especially children, to get outside, and activities to do once everyone is outside. Being outdoors is a wonderfully fun and healthy activity. Let's share indoor unplugged activities, as well.

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