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May 15, 2011 1:23 AM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Lance, I have taught my niece the ancient art of Hedge laying which she loves doing. Unfortunately there are no books or TV that can really show how this is done. You simply have to learn it as people pass the skill down to you. My niece is very intelligent and has got a place at Oxford University in September, so we are very proud of her.
However she asked me some questions about when I was at University and she really could not believe my answers.
For she wanted to know what computer I used in the Hall of Residence and did they have WI. FI. When I informed her we did not have computers, she was aghast and wanted to know how we learnt anything? I also informed her that we did not have mobile phones or satellite TV and her reply was "it must have been terrible for you!"
My nephew who is eight years old, does not know a world without computers, mobiles, game stations, and satellite TV, even his book is a kindle! To him everyone has one and they are something free, he has not learnt they are not, yet!
I agree with a lot of the things above, and the Article. It is getting the balance correct as to what the children watch and when. To stick children in front of a TV and allow them to watch whatever comes up, or they flick to is not the correct way. There are lots to learn from the TV if used correctly.
On our B.B.C. there are no adverts or commercials allowed at any time. So the Documentaries are indeed a pleasure to watch, as things are slowed down and explained.
However when the B.B.C. sell these Documentaries to other countries who allow commercials, the Documentaries are cut down by the country that bought them to allow for commercials.
A brilliant nature program we see here that is an hour long and full of facts and interest, may only be half an hour long in another country after it has been clipped for commercials.
At prime time viewing they put even more commercials on. So in the end you get a series of what looks like still photos flashing on the TV and no explanation as to what they are.
It simply comes down to money for the TV stations, which is sad.
If my three nieces and my nephew stay at my mothers or at my house, they know we have the simple solution that we will do if they play up with the TV, it is simply called the OFF button.
Regards from a sunny England.
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