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May 16, 2011 8:10 AM CST
Name: Lance Gardner
coastal plain Virginia
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Thank you for sharing your experiences, Neil. The art of hedge laying is certainly an intensive exercise, and I am glad your niece had the ability to learn it. I have never done this myself, but have seen it done on a video, of course! This is probably an example of something I will never experience but have gained an appreciation for because it has been recorded. I have watched several BBC programs from a disc, so I am pretty sure I get the full showing of them. Much better than the dumbing down on seen on popular TV.
I grew up on the cusp of computers, remembering my Dad bringing home the stacks of computer punch cards to use as note paper. Electronics can certainly have their benefit, but only if used properly as noted above. The same is true for many other wonders of technology, no matter how old (imagine learning to use a very old technological marvel, such as a hammer, improperly Grumbling ). I must admit I have no desire for a Kindle, though, preferring the feel, readability and ability to flip pages from a book.
I may have the better solution to the OFF button, which is not even using the ON button! Actually, by the time the day is over for me and my son, we typically no longer have time for anything except dinner, get ready for bed and read a book. He laments not being able to play a game or watch something, but I just remind him of what we accomplished and he is good to go. He is really enjoying gardening this year, and looking forward to watching it all grow. We are trying bushel gourds for our new fun plant this year, which we are both excited to see how they turn out. Perhaps my best solution to the video desire is that we do video games or shows together. That way he knows I am not giving him a different standard, I am not using it as a babysitter, and we still spend the time together interacting.
Wonderful photo, thanks for sharing. Sun in England? Good to know it happens!
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