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May 16, 2011 12:28 PM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Lance, we have had the hottest and driest April since records began with only 10% rainfall. The temperatures are amazing for us at this time of year, with lots of sun and most days in the 70F and the odd one into the 80s. But I did not need a TV to tell me that, the plants and animals told me that. One just has to look and see the drought, with what we called in the Army the most useful two things ever invented, the Mark 1 eyeballs.
Technology is essential for children nowadays and that is a fact of life. However it misuse is also extremely detrimental not only to children but society in general.
My nephew who is eight years old as I stated came to stay with us recently, he likes to garden with me and to help out with the cooking, where he can and indeed safety allows.
He is normally a well behaved and good mannered child for his age. Then whilst using his laptop computer all I could suddenly hear was things like "I am going to blow you up," then things like "stab him." I was I admit shocked at some of his language and went to see what he was doing. He was in fact playing a very graphic war game on his laptop, to his lament I took it off him.
When my brother came to pick him up I had a word with him about this behaviour and this game on the computer. He of course was concerned and we looked at my nephews laptop together. There was this game and it clearly stated SUITABLE FOR 18+ ONLY. When my nephew was asked where he got this game from he calmly stated "my friend at school put it on for me, we watch the main battles on TV." My brother assured me that he cannot watch this at home and asked my nephew where did he watch it, "at school if it rains" he replied.
My brother was furious as this game also contains some semi pornographic images. So he duly went to the school armed with the laptop and 'spoke to them' about how this could happen.
It turned out that due to Health & Safety the children are not allowed in the playground if it rains, as the school could be sued by the parents of the children if an accident happened.
So if it is wet they get the children and sit them in there classrooms and they can watch TV! It has not taken long for one of them to work out how to get around the school controls and have access to the whole range of satellite TV. So it easy to copy the web site details for this game and download it. So that is how someone did it for him.
Lance it is a catch 22 situation I am afraid. Do you check their laptops every night for anything at all? If you stop them using them they drop behind their peers at school.
It is the same with TV as well. They are told at school to watch these programs depending on what they are studying and a list is given out to parents. Some parents cannot afford things, as satellite TV is expensive here. So they have sleepovers arranged between parents where the children can watch the programs together in theory. To make this work correctly you have to be with them, as children together will inevitably switch channels when they get bored and wish to show off to their friends. The parents blame the schools and the schools blame the parents, it is a never ending battle.
I went to a Public (private school), after winning a scholarship to it. It was very strict and there motto was 'Spare the rod, Ruin the child' as corporal punishment was an excepted thing and six of the best with a cane was the done thing. Did it make me any better knowing if I pushed my luck I would get caned? No Lance it did not, in fact it made us more devious and work on the 11th commandment 'Thou shall not get caught.'
Now they can do it on a computer, where we did another way without harming anyone!
The harm to a child watching and playing with this new technology has not been researched properly. Maybe I am old fashioned and some say not liberal enough, they are entitled to their views.
When I take my nephew over our local shop, I really do not want him looking at pornographic magazines on the shelves where he can see them, nor do I want them on TV. I do not want to turn the radio on and hear another teenager stabbed or shot. Then a certain TV program or computer/mobile phone game blamed on it! What I like to hear is the British Trust For Conservation Volunteers has given a prize to a school for planting 25,000 trees, now that cheers me up.

I took these this afternoon of one of my Australian tree ferns Dicksonia antarctica, It is not often people get to see a crozier (new frond), emerging.
I hope you enjoy them.
Regards from a hot England.
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