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Aug 9, 2011 11:15 PM CST
Our family has been quite busy. With 6 kids there is always something to do. Unfortunately for me, I have R.A.D. (very similar to asthma), so when the air quality is poor and the humidity is up I am indoors. The kids are as well. We started a very very small garden. The kids have loved watching everything come up. Even though it has taken a bit longer for our plants to come up and bear anything, the kids loved knowing that these were all plants that we started ourselves from just seeds (minus the eggplant). They are excited to grow the garden about 4 times as large next year. To beat the heat, we have gone bowling once a week. With the kids bowl free program they get 2 free games everyday all summer and I only have to rent shoes. We haven't gone to the pool to swim as much as I would have liked -- the weather has really just been too nasty. So, they have played and played and played. We take trips weekly to the library. They have really gotten the reading bug and they enrolled themselves in the summer reading program. They absolutely love it. It's fine by me. They don't even ask for tv (which is a major win for us!). Being that I used to homeschool, and my parents were educators, and I even worked in a few school districts (one in CA and one in DE) for a short time, I have been picking up the math/science kits from the library and working through them with the kids as well. The kids also have asked for worksheets to do.

My husband, my oldest child and my youngest child (in jogging stroller) have taken to evening rides, as weather permits a few nights a week. My husband and oldest child are on their bikes, while I opt for roller blades and push the jogging stroller. It's quite fun to keep pace with them. We ride around our neighborhood. The entire thing is 4.25 miles. I can make it once usually grabbing a drag or 2 from my inhaler along the way. The other 2 then go back out for a second round.

In less than 2 weeks, the 3 girls (funny because they are also the 3 oldest kids) will be off camping with my dad. I wish I was going, but, somehow, the prospect of taking a 15 month old along while we spend lots of time in the boat with kids waterskiing didn't seem like fun. Eventually I will get back to camping. It's been a few years. The last time 2 times I camped was completely primitive. I had a blast. The first time was me and my 2 girlfriends and their dogs. The 2nd time around 2 weeks later, I brought 5 kids with me. They had an awesome weekend and learned a lot.

Ok, so this post is long enough. Lance, great article! Sounds like you guys are having a great summer!!!

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