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Q. Do you know of any way, when I open the document, to go directly to the  
     worksheet I am looking for?

A. Use the arrows in the bottom left of the worksheet.  Right click on them and a  
of worksheet names will pop up.  Select whichever one you want.

 Q. I made a mistake and entered the same incorrect data many times in my  
  Is there an easy way to change that to the correct data?

A. In the Home Tab, editing section, click on Find and Select.  In the Find line
    enter the incorrect data (example: 10) and in the
replace line enter the
    correct data (example: 11).  Be careful as it will replace ALL the number 10s
    with 11, even if some number
10s need to be kept.  This works with
    words also.

Q. I want to highlight many rows to delete or work with but they are not
     consecutive.  Do I have to do each, one at a time?

A. You can highlight as many rows or columns as you like by holding down
     the Control key and clicking on the ones you want.  To highlight several
     that are consecutive, hold down the shift key, click on the first row you
     want, then the last row you want and all in between will be highlighted.
     Note:  this trick also works in email or any list on your computer.

Q.  How do I make the Column Headers print on consecutive pages?

A. In the Page Layout Tab, Print Titles, Sheet, click on rows to repeat at
    the top. A new window will open, click on the icon at the end of Row to
    Repeat line. Another window will open and i
n the actual spreadsheet,
    click on the row to repeat, usually number one containing the headers. 
    Click on the red X and then OK when the first window appears again. 
    This is explained with pictures in Printing Page.

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