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Excel – Printing exactly what you want

Before you print an excel worksheet, there are some steps you need to take to make sure you get what you want and the way you want it to look.  I do a print preview after I have set up what I want to print.  This saves time, wasted paper and effort.

Always highlight the area of the sheet you want to print and click on set print area.  I have that icon on my quick access toolbar for convenience.  It is also located in the Page Layout Tab, Set Print Area.  If you do this, it will only print what you need and not a lot of empty cells.  Just remember to clear the set print area if you want to print different sections the next time.


You can see the lines and column headers when using the worksheet but that does not mean they will automatically print.  To ensure they print, if you want them to, go to the Page Layout tab and in Sheet Options section check the box beside print under Gridlines and Headings. 


There is another way to make gridlines print which allows you to choose which lines.  Highlight the area of data you want to use and under the Home tab, Paragraph Section, click on the border icon and choose the lines you want to print.  For example, you can have each row underlined only.  This is a tool to play with if you have not used it before.



You can also have the column headers repeated on each sheet printed if you have a worksheet that will be longer than one printed page.  That is done in the Page Layout Tab, Print Titles, Sheet, click on rows to repeat at the top. 



In the actual spreadsheet, you then click on the worksheet the row to repeat, usually number one containing the headers.  Click on the red X and then OK when the first window appears again.


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