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Excel – How to sort using different and multiple columns

These are the basics for sorting and there are other options etc. that I have not explored.  If you have more to add, let me know!

Anytime I use the sort feature, I ALWAYS click on the ALL button to assure data is kept together. 
(See picture for ALL button) 

The easiest and most commonly used sort is by name in the first column.


To sort by other columns you start with the ALL button, Data Tab, Sort icon.  A new window will open to choose what column you want to sort.  Check the box to show headers (usually by default will be checked if you have used headers).  Click on the chevron by the Sort by row to get a drop down box listing all your column headers.  Click on the header you want to sort by.

If your spreadsheet does not have headers, you can still sort using the same method but you will sort by column letters.


If you want to sort the data even further using more columns, click on Add Level, click on the chevron and choose the header.  This would be useful if you had a sheet on plants and wanted to sort by bloom color, then bloom time, then name you could easily see which plants fit in those categories.


This is my spread sheet sorted by name.


This is my spread sheet after I sorted by 3 columns; Test 1 Read, Name, Grade.  Hard to see but you get the picture!  LOL


Questions, corrections or comments; Click Excel Forum.

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