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Image All about coins and their values
By jon on July 15, 2013

Coins are neat, especially if you are a coin collector. There are practically worthless coins, and then there are coins that are worth millions of dollars. Let's look at coins and their values.

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Jul 15, 2013 7:53 PM CST
Name: Sharon
Another great article, Jon. I've never really had a lot of interest in coins, but find your articles very informative and well written.

My questions: Do you know how often new coins are minted and do you know which denomination is most used by the public?

Jul 16, 2013 12:34 PM CST
Name: jon
Well Sharon, the Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half dollar, and dollar are still being minted. But the Half dollar and Dollar are not used very much. There seems to be a lot of new coins made recently. Like I heard that around 500 million 2012 Pennies were made.
Jul 16, 2013 3:04 PM CST
Name: Sharon
500 million. Wow!
Thanks Jon. That's so interesting.
Jul 16, 2013 5:03 PM CST
Name: jon
Well that is not as many as normal. In 1974 over 4 billion pennies were minted.
Jul 16, 2013 5:09 PM CST
Name: Sharon
Maybe in today's world, credit cards have taken the place of circulating coins.
Online banking and bill paying, debit cards, too; cash is not used as often as it was in the 70s.
Jul 17, 2013 1:46 PM CST
Name: jon
Yes nobody seems to use cash any more.
Jul 17, 2013 4:11 PM CST
Name: Katie
I agree
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