Forcing Flowerbulbs for the Holidays plus 20% disc forum: Forcing bulbs for the Holidays plus 20% discount on special vases and pottery.

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Oct 15, 2011 5:50 PM CST
Name: bleek

************************** 20% discount on the following items******************************************

Hyacinth vases, clear thick glass, thin clear crystal-like glass and thin colored crystal-like glass

Paperwhite vases, frosted like glass with metal halo

Dutch Blue ceramic pottery such as Hyacinth vase, Crocus bowl, Paperwhite bowl and Amaryllis pot.

Of course we have bulbs for these items as well.

Items can be viewed at the following link:

This offer is good through the end of October. Just mention "October Special" in the comment field when ordering. The 20% discount will show on our official confirmation to you.


This issue of the Happy Gardening Newsletter discusses the "how to's" of forcing do not have to be an expert or master gardener to enjoy growing beautiful flowers which will bloom indoors during winter!

** We would love to hear our reader's thoughts about our newsletter...what you would be interested in reading about and any suggestions you may have for future issues and offers. Please send your comments to [email protected] and let us know how we are doing!

Forcing Bulbs

Get a head start on Spring by forcing bulbs to flower during Winter...this can be done by everyone and it is simpler than you think! When I say simple, I mean that there are some almost FOOL-PROOF types of bulbs that can be forced indoors.
Start out with the largest size available of the bulbs you choose to force...for the novice forcer, we suggest some of the following: Grape Hyacinths (Muscari), Chionodoxa, Hyacinths, Crocus, Miniature Narcissus, Paperwhites and Scilla Siberica. Most of these bulbs, except for the Hyacinths, are inexpensive and definitely worth a try!

Use a potting medium that will hold moisture and is very friable and use pots or containers that have a hole in the bottom for bulbs that are planted in dirt. Make sure you water the pot very well after planting and put it in a cool, dark place. This way, the bulbs can establish their root system. Once the bulbs have finished flowering, most bulbs can not be forced again. Some, like Daffodils, can be transplanted into the garden in the Spring; however, they may take a year to be fully nourished in order to flower in their normal cycle.

A selection of excellent forcing bulbs along with some specific care instructions follows:

Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) - (Plant 10 per 6" diameter pot) Excellent for planting in a shallow dish. After the bulbs have made a 2 inch sprout, bring them into the light. The colder the room is, the longer you can enjoy them!

Chionodoxa - (Plant 10 per 6" pot) Plant them in a pot and bury it in the garden. Cover with some straw so they are protected from frost. Once they bulbs have sprouted, bring them indoors and keep them cool.

Crocus - (Plant 10 per 6" pot) For the most spectacular results, plant them in a specially designed "crocus bowl" with holes in the side. Water well after planting and put in a cool and dark place until the sprouts are about 2 inches high. Then move them to a cool and sunny location to enjoy!

Scilla Siberica - (Plant 8 per 6" pot) Same instructions as Chionodoxa

Hyacinths placed on a jar with water - (Plant 1 bulb per vase) There are special Hyacinth glasses available for this purpose and you will need specially prepared Hyacinths for this to work well. Fill the glass with water so that the water does not touch the base of the bulb. Place in a cool and dark place and check weekly for the water level. If needed, add water. Once the thickest part of the sprout is out of the bulb, you can bring it indoors where the light is bright.

Hyacinths in a pot - (3-5 per 6" pot) Plant the bulbs and cover with soil. Water well and keep in a dark, cool place until the sprouts are about 2 inches tall. Then place the pot in a cool and bright place.

Narcissus - (Plant 5 per 6" pot) Some of these can be forced extremely easily like Tete a Tete, Icefollies, Geranium, Minnow and February Gold. Plant them in a pot and water well. Bury the pot in the garden and cover with straw. When sprouts are 3 inches tall, bring the pot indoors and place in cool and bright room.

Paperwhites - (Plant 5 per 6" pot) Plant the bulbs in a bowl on a layer of pebbles. Then fill with more pebbles so the tip of the bulbs stick out. Fill the bowl with water, but do not let the water touch the base of the bulb. Put the bowl in a cool, dark place and check weekly for water level (add as needed). As soon as the sprouts are 3 inches long, place the bowl in a cool and bright room. Or, you can place the bowl in a bright place directly after planting, but spray with water every day to keep the flower buds from drying up.

In general, it will take between 10-12 weeks from planting to have sprouts large enough to bring indoors. Some quick notes to keep in mind to ensure success for your efforts:
* Cover pots planted in the garden with straw to prevent freezing
* Label the pots with variety name, planted date and date you intend to bring it indoors.
* Check for moisture and water level once a week for pots stored inside
* Buy the largest bulbs available since they will have the most nutrients to produce blooms outside of the bulbs normal cycle.
* Make notes about what you did so that you can perfect your process over time and so that the experts can help you in case you have problems.
We hope you will give forcing bulbs a try...the reward this winter will be well worth the effort! Feel free to contact us if you have questions!


We will ship your order the day after you place it or we can hold it and ship it at any time to any of your family and/or friends.


Bert Leek
Touch of Nature, Inc

Oct 15, 2011 5:53 PM CST
Name: bleek
See you here shortly so you can chase away the winter blues with beautiful flowers you grew yourself.

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