What is a Mule?

By Charleen Harrell (Ridesredmule) on March 26, 2010

I have a red mule who's name is Charley. Charley is quite a beautiful animal. He stands 15 hands tall (Hand=4") Several of the girls have asked me "What is a Mule?" I hope this helps answers the question.

A mule is a hybrid of a male donkey and a female horse.  The result is a beautiful Long-legged, long-eared mule and the cutest thing you ever did see.  Mules are like people and come in all sizes and colors.    They are just as good or just as bad as the people who train them.  Mules are known to be stubborn.  The facts are mules are thinkers.  If they think something is going to hurt them, the AREN'T going to go.  They are or can be very protective  of their owners.    Mules are sterile, they can't have babies.  Males are gelded at an early age.  Females can't have off-spring.  there is a rare story of a mule having colt but is very uncommon.  Mules, like donkeys are very sure-footed animals and are very often used in mountains to pack  in supplies.  Hunters use them when going to hunt also. 

Here are a few notes, I haven taken on mules:

Mules can do anything a horse can, if they want.

Horses can think, donkeys can reason, mules think they can reason...Jerry Arvin

Nothing is better than a good mule,

Nothing is worse than a Bad mule.

This last verse is very true, I've had both.  If you find a good one, Keep him.

Enough of this, We have draft mule, dressage mule, wagon mule, outin Nevada they got racing mules.  If a horse can do, that mule can too. 

I hope you all like the article.  thanks.

Charleen and Charley, the mule

About Charleen Harrell
I am retired from work two years now. I am interested in growing different gardens with different theme. Rather unorganized and love different colors. Am the owner of Red Mule named Charley. Besides DH, and all my other critters, is the love of my life.

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You did it. valleylynn Mar 26, 2010 9:13 AM 6
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Now Charleen, if your are a real Mule skinner? kenboy Mar 26, 2010 7:08 AM 3

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