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» What is Cubits.org?
» What is A Crafty Cubit?
» Who created A Crafty Cubit?
» Why join A Crafty Cubit?
» What are the policies of A Crafty Cubit?

What is Cubits.org?
Cubits.org is a Universe of Communities. Each community, called a Cubit, is a self-contained mini-website devoted to the specific interests of that community.

You have probably visited websites devoted to specific subjects. They usually contain forums, a member list, informational databases, file uploads, and the like. Each of these websites were painstakingly created by the website's owner, who devoted hundreds of hours to putting it all together.

I have talked to many people in the past who have told me that they have a great interest in some subject, and would love to make a community website about it, but they don't have the expertise to create it.

Thus, Cubits.org was created to let anybody start their own feature-rich community website. With no technical knowledge required, a person can come to Cubits.org and within minutes have their own community website ready for their members.

Cubits.org FAQ

Questions about being a member at Cubits.org FAQ

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What is A Crafty Cubit?
I created A Crafty Cubit to be a comfortable place to come and chat for anyone and everyone who has ever crafted, the everyday crafter or the once in a blue moon crafter. A place to come and share from your own crafting experiences or to get uplifted from someone else's or to just let us know about your day. I also made a Crafty Closet where we can share or trade craft items and supplies, a Marketplace where we can sell them, and a Links Database where you can advertise your crafts business.

The site is brand new and there is more to come. There will be instructional and helpful articles and as traffic increases I'll open up more specific forums. I am more than open to suggestions!

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Who created A Crafty Cubit?
I did! My name is Lynn and I grew up in Brown County, Indiana, if you've ever been there in fall (and all Hoosiers have!) you'll understand why fall was always my favorite time of year there. We were not well to do, far from it and my mom was not a crafty mom. I think I always had a yen to be crafty but there wasn't a whole lot of that going on in our house. I think that hurt me as an adult because now I tend to immerse myself fully into anything new I like...it becomes a tad obsessive, I end up needing to know anything and everything about the subject and then never quite get around to doing it. Luckily I met a man who was already immersed in his own hobby and he nurtured my need to learn, not sure he imagined it turning out like it did lol with too many plants and seeds, closets full of crafting supplies, and concrete stuff laying everywhere, but it did just the same.

We moved to Arizona and we've been married and in this home for 16 years now in 2010. We've decided to die in this house so have been working on turning the backyard into a smaller version of "It's a Small World' at Disneyland.

Crafts I have been obsessed over have been scroll sawing, craft painting, cross stitch, crochet, and concrete. I haven't been doing much by way of crafting lately, what with the yard a mess and I've been breeding lovebirds, but the one thing I do miss the most was creating my own designs for the scroll saw and then creating them. I am currently going thru and preparing my designs for publishing and plan to start selling them and maybe also compiling wood kits for painting for the non scroll sawyer.

I look forward to seeing everyone in A Crafty Chat!

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Why join A Crafty Cubit?
Because the more the merrier of course! Seriously though, it is free and the forums are open to all members of cubits.org with the exceptions being the Links Database, Closet, and the Marketplace- you must be a member of A Crafty Cubit to start a thread or post in these places, but it's free, so why not?!

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What are the policies of A Crafty Cubit?
A Crafty Cubit is a tolerant place. I want any crafter to feel welcome here and to not be intimidated or scared off, from beginners to pros. No question is stupid and there is more than one way to do everything. I expect everyone to be respectful and understanding.

Public bashing will not be tolerated and will be deleted. If you are not happy with a vendor, you are welcome to add them to the Links Database and add your comment about them there.

This is not a place for heated debates and if they come up, will be dealt with on a case by case basis, although I hope they don't!

There is a Links Database where you may add your crafting business link and a Marketplace where you may advertise items for sale, I am not allowing public promotion of businesses throughout the forums and they will be deleted.

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