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Oct 30, 2013 9:53 AM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
Love praying mantises! They creep me out the way they'll jump & attack you, but still love them! Didn't see any this year, unfortunately. They're pretty rare for us here. :(

Pics of one of my kitties.. Nyx! Got him the day that my golden passed away from cancer (he told me it was time, so I had him put down.. it's not what's best for me, but what's best for him.. broke my heart & it took over a year before I could pet another golden w/o tearing up.. in fact, the onions are starting right now thinking about Wolfgang). I had made an agreement w/a lady I knew who has a small farm on the outskirts of town who had some barn kitties who had kittens and she agreed that I could adopt one of her kittens when I needed to.. and I really needed to.

Nyx the day we brought him home, Mother's Day 2011. He was born April 1, 2011. He was one of 15 kittens from 2 moms.. the kittens were honestly starving as there was too many kittens & not enough mama milk. He's 5 weeks old in this pic. I didn't have to bottle feed him, but I did heavily supplement his diet of Tiki Cat with KMR for his first month with me.
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/e75ad0 Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/e845df
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/e5b78b Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/d8bff1

About a month later, he's still tiny, but adorable!!
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/68f915

And curious about toys from other kitties. The big kitty is my true-albino, Chaos.
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/7e03ec

Fastforward about a year & half (first pix were May 2011, now we're looking Sept 2012). He's gotten so big!!
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/a6f401 Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/1e0f5d

Nyx is very food driven. He loves food. All food. Guess that's from his extreme babyhood. Here he is at almost 2 years old. That's my big food in my bootie.
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/88a8af

Took this pic w/DH's camera.. you can see just how crossed-eyed this poor kitty is!
Thumb of 2013-10-30/Skiekitty/de40bb

Never be afraid of a scar. It just means that you were stronger than something that tried to hurt you.
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