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Image Living with crocodiles issues and news
By tropicbreeze on February 25, 2011

As human populations grow and spread out so too do those of crocodiles, leading to issues of cohabitation. I've assembled a range of media articles on crocodile issues and management which cover a wide range of views in this perennial battle of opinions.

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Feb 25, 2011 1:51 PM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
Interesting article and what a quandary. You don't want to destroy the wildlife, but you don't want it destroying people, either.
Feb 25, 2011 6:11 PM CST
Kelli, it's one of those issues where it makes sense from both sides. But the argument becomes more heated when there's an incident. Many of those on the conservation side are "armchair experts" from the big cities down south that have only ever seen a croc on TV. Often they make outlandish statements. Then you get the redneck types up here that would have all the crocs killed, they have that "God gave man dominion over animals" mentality so we can pick and choose what's allowed to live or what we can make extinct.

Where I work we have 2 areas that are under "Crocodile Management". That effectively means that if the crocs don't move out of that area at the end of the wet season (before the tourists are allowed in) they're trapped and given a solid persuader (bullet).

Because we're a territory and not a state we are still controlled by the federal government from down south (where there's no crocs). The Territory government has previously asked the Feds to approve culling and safari hunting of crocs but they've always refused. Yet they cull kangaroos down there and shoot them for human and pet consumption.

I've so many stories and interesting (and funny) anecdotes about crocs I should really do an article on it. Living with crocs is interesting. But like on the roads, with sensible behaviour it's quite safe, wreckless behaviour could get you killed.

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