Article: Living with crocodiles issues and news: Another great article.

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Image Living with crocodiles issues and news
By tropicbreeze on February 25, 2011

As human populations grow and spread out so too do those of crocodiles, leading to issues of cohabitation. I've assembled a range of media articles on crocodile issues and management which cover a wide range of views in this perennial battle of opinions.

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Feb 27, 2011 7:30 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
With most things, when it come s to humans and wildlife, there always going to be pros and cons on both sides.

What is bad is when areas like one we have down here , the alligators have migrate d out into other areas and adults get their children and throw human food to the small ones. They think it cute at the time, but don't realize that those seemingly cute harmless small one s grow up to big ones and than trouble happens when the mature ones go up to humans on land expecting food.

That croc coming up out the water/boat pic sure doe s bring back some scary memories. One are a we fish is loaded with alligator s and they will come right up to the sides of the boats an you have to watch.with children to make sure they keep head and hands and body and don't be trying to peer over the side s to look at them. One second they just being all calm and lazy and not moving next to you ad the next, major shock when they come up out the water like that. You wonder how they can build up the energy to propel themselves up so fast and so far.

That's also very interesting about them being used as a treatment for MRSA. First time I heard about that. Nice to know, so at least if populations need to be hunted, they could be used for maybe meat or medicine instead of just being wastefully destroyed.

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