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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on July 8, 2010

News and happenings around the Cubit Universe. Breaking news!! Read on to find out more!

I know it's been quiet lately. No worries though! With summer in full swing and all of the kiddies out of school it's a naturally occuring event to slow down.

Read this article "It's Quiet In Here" by Zanymuse (Brenda Essig) for a very nice explanation


Dave Whitinger Sues Internet Brands

Click here for the scoop!!

(read and enjoy, just remember that Dave probably can't speak publicly about it so we'll just have to speculate to oursleves)

It's hot , hazy, and humid across most of North America. Even up here in Canada we're melting. I can't believe I waited all winter for this!! Stay cool, stay safe and most importantly stay sane. If you're heading outside ask yourself "can this wait for another day?". The lawn can wait and so can the weeds.

Take a moment to check in on any elderly people you might know. They are the most succeptible to high heat and humidity. I took a few fans to some folks myself. Finally talked my Mom into a fan in the house!! I almost fainted when she caved in and let me plug it in and aim it at her.

Signs of heat stoke in people are raised temperature, red flushed skin, not sweating, trouble breathing, acting unusual. This is just basic information...

Keep your pets out of the sun. Keep plenty of cold water available at all times. Don't allow them to run and play like they normally would. Heat stroke in dogs can be serious. Keep watch for severe panting, dark red gums, lying down and not wanting to get up. If heat stroke is suspected, cool the dog off with cool (not icy cold!) wet rags or towels and call the vet!

I've noticed questions regarding some Cubit issues lately. Cubits has tutorials on How to Build a Database and  Getting Started With the Articles Feature. Highly recommended reading if you're planning to tackle either of these. Zany's Playpen Cubit has created a forum just to help out those new to the article editor. Check out the Article Writers Place for any questions. There's also a forum in the Cubits Cubit dedicated to the Articles and any issues. It's a good read if you're looking for anything specific. Don't forget that Cubits is armed with a powerful search engine.

Thanks for letting me ramble on. Remember, if you have anything you want mentioned just c-mail me!!

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